Your Complete Guide To The Best Way To Take Kratom

Kratom, a herb originating in Southeast Asia, has been used in healthy healing for hundreds of years. In general, people use it as a painkiller or a sedative. Initially, chewing kratom leaves was considered the quickest way to consume them. However, people search for better ways to take kratom due to its unpleasant taste. In this article, we will discuss a few popular and effective ways of consuming kratom.

Know the Right Dose

It’s crucial to calculate the kratom daily dosage suitable for you before experimenting with ways of consuming it. The dose of kratom depends on the strain you select and what effects you want to experience. The factors governing the calculation of the dosage of kratom include

  • Strength of the kratom form you choose
  • Level of tolerance for kratom
  • Your body type and weight
  • Your overall health, and
  • Your psychological state

Make sure to take all these factors into account while assessing your kratom daily dosage. It may take a while to figure out the correct dosage, which is perfectly alright. In general, the minimum margin for most of the kratom strains is one gram. Therefore, it is always a good idea to stick to smaller amounts of kratom for beginners.

Issues with Kratom Consumption

The problem with kratom consumption is the dosage lies between a minimum of one gram to a maximum of six grams. However, each kratom capsule contains only five hundred milligrams of it. This implies that you need to take four to twelve capsules for the effects to kick in. Well, that is a lot of capsules to ingest several times a day.

Additionally, beginners who consume this herb aren’t fans of its taste. Therefore, you require better methods to consume kratom to deal with these issues.

Effective Ways to Take Kratom

Kratom tea

Are you searching for the easiest way to take premium quality white bali kratom? Brewing kratom tea is one of the most typical methods of consuming the herb. Tea is considered a social beverage in various parts of Southeast Asia. They mostly use kratom leaves to brew hot piping tea, although you can also use kratom powder. The effects of this herb are a lot smoother when you consume kratom tea.

Here is how you can brew kratom tea:

  • Calculate your required dose of kratom
  • Put the powder in hot boiling water
  • Boil up for fifteen minutes
  • Strain the powder away
  • Mix lime or honey for better effects
  • Enjoy the robust, hot kratom tea!


Kratom tea doesn’t hurt your stomach as the plant fiber is strained.

You can add ingredients to customize the taste and adjust the strength of the tea.

Additionally, you can prepare kratom tea in batches for future consumption.

It is considered a few of the best ways to take powder kratom.


Preparing kratom tea is time-consuming

The tea can be immensely bitter for those who dislike the strong taste.

Most of the alkaloids get strained with the powder, so you don’t get the effects you paid for.

You require numerous adjustments to obtain the right flavor.

Best Way To Take Kratom

Toss and wash

It is one of the simplest ways to take powder kratom. It involves throwing the powder in your mouth and gulping it down with a liquid of your choice. The toss and wash method is effective in avoiding the bitter taste of the herb.

Here is how to toss and wash correctly for beginners:

  • Measure out the right dose of kratom powder into a folded card.
  • Sip your favorite flavored beverage, preferably the one with sugar.
  • Hold the beverage in your mouth
  • Tilt your head back and put all the powder into your mouth.
  • Immediately, gulp it down with an extra beverage to remove the aftertaste.


The toss and wash method is effective if you want to avoid the taste of the herb.

It is a quick way when done in the right manner.

Unless you are drinking sugar-rich beverages, there is no calorie intake in this method of kratom consumption.

Many consider it to be the best way to consume kratom.


You can’t swallow much powder in one go. So if you require higher doses of kratom, you might have to do multiple tosses.

It can be messy and may look odd when consuming the herb in public using this method.

Kratom in common liquids

Mixing the herb in liquids is popular as it is the easiest way to take kratom. But, if you aren’t a fan of kratom’s taste, then it might not be a pleasant experience. The most common beverages used to mix kratom powder are orange juice, chocolate milk, and, of course, water. You can also mix the herb in smoothies of your choice to mask its taste to a certain extent.


It is a quick way of consuming kratom.

The presence of acid in orange juice boosts the effect of the herb.


To avoid chunks, you need to blend the herb well into these liquids, preferably with a frother.

Consuming sugar-rich beverages multiple times a day will lead to high-calorie intake.

Even if you mask the taste of the herb while having the beverage, the aftertaste will stay.

Tips to Consume Kratom

People always search for the best way to consume kratom. There are several methods of taking the herb. You will experience different effects on your body with different ways of kratom consumption. However, following specific guidelines will boost the effects and improve the quality of your daily kratom dosage. Let’s look at some of the tips to take the herb effectively.

  • Keep yourself hydrated
  • Watch your dose
  • Consume kratom on an empty stomach


Kratom has become a safe choice for many to get rid of stress, anxiety, and pain. First, however, you must know the right dose and your tolerance for kratom to consume the herb. There are several effective ways by which you can take kratom. In the above article, we have listed down a few of those kratom consumption techniques. Most of these methods are helpful if you want to consume a sufficient dose of the herb without tasting it.

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