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Here are the best quests you can do in WoW or WoW Classic. There are many rewards that you might have to buy WoW gold for otherwise. Some are challenging, others simple. They can be funny or pull at your heartstrings. Enjoy WoW!

The quests that give you feels, more than just item rewards

Questing remains a huge part of the WoW experience. Though much has changed in the past few years, we can still look back at the best quests the game had to offer. Some of these may have been removed or otherwise unavailable in Retail, but are still in Classic. Most are pretty low-level, so there’s no need to buy WoW gold for it!

It’s a Secret to Everybody

Despite the name, this is one of the most popular quests in the game. It was sadly removed from the game by the Cataclysm expansion. With the arrival of Classic, however, players can revisit this hidden quest!

There’s a wrecked raft somewhere in the Un’goro Crater. While looking for the owner of this mysterious raft, you’ll be thrust into an adventure worthy of The Legend of Zelda. The whole quest chain is one big shout-out to the franchise if Linken the Gnome’s name doesn’t tip you off. You even get Linken’s Boomerang at the end of the quest. Be sure to check it out in WoW Classic!

Rewriting the Battle of Darrowshire

This quest chain takes you through the story of Darrowshire and its stalwart defenders. What starts as a simple request to find out what happens to a child spawns into an epic tale of redemption. It’s a quest you do for the story, not the rewards. You can still get about two levels up doing this quest though.

You might need some help for the final battle, so have your friends accompany you.

Lost in Battle

In the Barrens, you’ll find Mankirk. He knows his wife fell in battle but doesn’t know where that was, so he asks you to help him. Back in the day, nobody could find her, and you’ll find the chat filled with messages asking where she is. It became popular back in the day because of all the players asking where she is. It’s now, something like a pilgrimage for players to do this simple quest.

The Cataclysm expansion honors this quest by giving his wife a permanent burial site and grave marker for her. It also reveals her name, Olgra, to players.

Lucid Nightmare

For any puzzle aficionado, this quest should be right up their alley. You’ll have to find and decipher the clues and puzzles that will lead to the Lucid Nightmare mount. It’s a cool dark unicorn that’s rare. Sure, some shady sites might put up WoW mounts for sale, but getting it yourself is still more appealing.

Just be careful of the Endless Halls maze. It can be frustrating to finish but just keep at it. Remember, a rare mount is waiting at the end of the quest.

Some Class-Specific Quests

Okay, sure, you still get the Paladin and Warlock mounts at level 20 and later at level 40 (with a speed boost) automatically. In the days of Vanilla, and now Classic too, they have to get to level 60 and then work for the latter mount. Warlocks have to kill a Dreadlord and steal his horse, specifically. The steps leading to that include:

  • Genocide of moon goddess-created creatures
  • Collection of the blood of said creatures
  • Infiltrate their Shadow Council
  • Rip an orc’s heart right out of its chest
  • Cause chaos across two dungeons
  • Fight off an army while preparing a portal

As for the Paladin, they invade an entire school of necromancers just to attract the attention of a Death Knight. Then, they kill the knight just to steal its horse. Before that, they have to get to the middle of Stratholme to get holy water and save an equine spirit. It’s both a test of your skills and a series of awesome moments.

Besides that, there’s also the Hunter’s The Ancient Leaf Quest. Hunters can get an Ancient Petrified Leaf as a reward from the Molten Core raid. They have to find its owner with no hints. The quest log amounts to “It’s a big world, player. Good luck!”.

Once the owner is found, the Hunter has to kill Onyxia and win the roll for its sinew. Then they have to kill a world boss (or tons of elite blue dragons) for their sinew. After that, they have to find and kill 4 demons spread across the world. That’s the awesome part.

They have to kill those demons alone, without even a pet to accompany them. The demons are weak to one specific hunter skill, but nothing indicates what it even is. There’s even a possibility that you don’t have that skill, yet. Completing all those tasks rewards them with a bow, quiver, and staff that can serve them well in future adventures.

Then there’s also the Priest’s Benediction quest. Like the Hunters’ epic quest, Priests start the quest with an item from the Molten Core. This time it’s the Eye of Divinity. They then head to the Eastern Plaguelands and try to rewrite history, completely alone. Asking for a friend’s help will spawn an unkillable boss that kills the friend and ends the event. It’s worth doing still, just to get one of the coolest staves in the whole game.


Those are just a few of the best quests of World of Warcraft. Sure, the ‘best’ is different from person to person. That only means that you can disagree with this list. You can have your list of the best WoW or WoW Classic quests. At any rate, these increase the enjoyment of the game, and you don’t even have to buy WoW gold for it. Have fun and enjoy World of Warcraft.

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