What You Should Know About Half Wigs

What is a half wig?

A half wig is a synthetic or real hair structured on an elastic cap. Inside the lid, we have flexible combs that are used to clip and firmly position the half wig on to your natural hair. Similar to most wigs, the half wigs come in various colors, density, length, and style. They are designed to take any form or color of human faces. They are comfortable to wear, thanks to their make of cap design.

Wigs are very important to a woman’s life; they create an attractive profile that every man would want to associate. It’s also described as a source of woman confidence. To most ladies, half wigs are gorgeous and straightforward from the lengthy design. They blend well with natural hair making it hard to recognize them.

Half wig composes of several features:

There is a two in1 wrap wig that combines a unique and beautiful hand- made Turban with a wig together entirely. This gives you a chic look instantly. The materials of the half wig are 100% virgin human hair. It’s more fashionable than other wigs, and you can use it for a long time.

The Turban of the half wig is elastic made which is suitable for most of the head size. Matching with your hair thoroughly, invisible, undetectable, or artificial hair, and give you a natural look.

Installation of wig

The process is simple and easy. You do not need to pay extra charges to get it installed. All you need is, take a turban of the half wig according to measurements of your head. Design a backflowing ponytail of your natural hair

. They should be two ponytails, part them on each side according to your right and left ear. Now position your half wig and pair it with your natural hair while you ensure the front flexible comb part lies at the top of your head.

Use a hairband or comb to blend in your natural hair with the wig lace front wigs can be styled in so many designs, so don’t just stick to the ponytail, try to experiment with more style to see which fits in well. To keep your straight wig neat, always comb them daily. Remember, for a long-lasting wig; you need to keep it well maintained.

Always do conditioning with the right conditioning oil. Excessive use of curly and flat iron severally can cause damage to your wig. Therefore consider using protectant oil for the wig. Make sure that the edges are well-trimmed to prevent damaging of the wig. Trimming should be done regularly.

Half wigs are easy to handle; you can dye your wig according to your skin tone. The advantage of the half wig is that it allows your natural hair to grow with minimal stressing. They enhance the natural appearance to a more attractive and charming look.

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