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What Careers Can You Fit Around Your Family?

Everyone carves their own route through life, and each of those pathways is unique. Some people can decide their route straight away, while others may take decades to figure out which way they should follow. Either approach – or everything in between – is perfectly acceptable. In the end, it’s always down to you.

It’s common to feel as if your road has reached a fork and you’re unsure which direction to go, and this is particularly true for people who have a young family to care for. They want to find a job that would enable them to earn enough money to live a comfortable life, but it may entail sacrificing family time. So, which way should they go? The solution is that you can chart a new course, one that enables you to work around your family. Continue reading to see some examples of the kinds of jobs you can do if this is the sort of thing you’re looking for.

Property Manager or Landlord

It may seem that being a landlord is a simple thing to do, but it’s not something to take lightly. First, you’ll need the money to buy a house (unless you have a ‘spare’ one, maybe because you’ve moved in with a partner or inherited one after a death), and then you’ll need to make sure you can keep it up with family. Furthermore, if it’s vacant for an extended length of time, you must guarantee that you can continue to live without an income – this is why having more than one property makes more sense if you want to be a landlord.

However, if you can do it, it’s a fantastic way to earn a livelihood (as long as you understand the risks). Buying overseas may make it even better, particularly since the property is less costly and because the holiday rental industry is thriving. However, no matter whether you buy a property at home or abroad, being a landlord as a full or part-time job can give you plenty of time to be with your family, as long as you take the risks into account.

Virtual Assistant

With more and more companies opting to operate remotely and without a central office, and more individuals than ever establishing their own businesses that will also be home-based, virtual assistants are in high demand.

A virtual assistant is someone who works for a number of different companies. They will answer phone calls and emails, create bills, track down payments, and do everything else that an in-house assistant would do. When you have a family, this may work well since you can frequently pick your own hours, and because you’ll be working for a variety of individuals, you can raise or reduce your workload as you see appropriate.


Becoming a teacher may not be for everyone, and not everyone is cut out to be a teacher. However, if you have the necessary abilities and desire to work outside the house, teaching is a viable option. You’ll need to get the right qualifications to begin with and then build on those qualifications with something like an MA education to enhance your career over time, but it will be worth it when you see what a difference you’re making in children’s lives.

Not only is teaching a rewarding career path, but it would also fit in nicely with your home life; if your children are in school, your working day would coincide with theirs, and you’d have vacationed at the same time, so you wouldn’t have to worry about finding a babysitter or taking unpaid leave from work.

As an alternative, if you’re interested in education but don’t want to be a teacher, you could look into being a teacher’s assistant. A teacher’s assistant (sometimes known as a teacher’s helper) helps a lead teacher with a range of classroom tasks and activities. Teacher assistants are most often found in elementary and intermediate schools, as well as special education programs. Parents who work as teacher’s aids will enjoy the same holidays as their children and may even be able to keep an eye on their children while they are at school. While teacher assistant positions are usually low-paying, assistants are not required to perform all of the after-hours lesson preparation that leads instructors to do.

Physician Assistant

Under the direction of a physician, a physician assistant provides physical examinations, diagnoses and treats diseases, helps in surgery, and performs a variety of other tasks.

This position is excellent for parents who want to pursue a career in medicine but don’t have the time or money to devote to four years of medical school followed by years of residency. Hospital work patterns often allow for many lengthy workdays followed by three to four days off each week, allowing parents to spend entire days with their children. Being a physician’s assistant is a hard job, but one that often leaves people with a huge sense of satisfaction, giving them all they need in life and a good work-life balance as well.

Web Developer

Web developers are programmers who specialize in the development of web-based applications. Because of the number of apps available on smartphones and other electronic devices, this profession is in especially high demand. Web developers may work for big companies, government agencies, or startups, but many work from home. A parent working as a freelance web developer would be able to choose their tasks and set their own timetable.

As a parent, a job that is needed and therefore offers constant work, but that also allows you to pick and choose when you work and how much work you do is exactly what most parents are looking for. This is why training to be a web developer is something that may well appeal.

Interior Designer

Interior design can often be a very fulfilling profession if you have an eye for beautiful houses and an interest in people. From assisting families in reinventing a living room that’s no longer functional to managing complete renovation projects and collaborating with architects and builders, an interior design business can take many forms and be as flexible as you need it to be, making it an ideal career for artistically inclined parents who want to fit their career around their families.

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