Vitamin C After Workout: Diet Basics & Recovery

Vitamin C after workout’, something we all have heard a gazillion times. But, very few actually know the reasons why it should be a part of our diet basics, essentially for recovery after a hard workout. Here’s what you don’t know and we are about to unravel every bit piece by piece.

Well, before we dig the science behind it, let’s just start by stating the obvious,

The Importance Of Vitamin C For Post-Workout Immunity:

Not many people are aware of the concept of post-workout immune depression. The term means reduced immunity which is so real that a lot of people experience it and it can actually last for 72 hours.

What is the root cause?

If you are someone indulging in heavy/intense workouts, for e.g.:

  • 45 mins or more HIIT workout
  • Powerlifting
  • running , cycling, swimming and other endurance activities
  • Anything that pumps your heart more than 150 BPM for more than 45 minutes

What happens?

Your body performs a series of functions to repair exercise-induced muscle damage and to do that, it channelizes energy to repair and thus lowering the defense (reduced lymphocytes count).

What can be done?

Take the right nutrition and supplementation within a few hours post-workout. This includes consumption of:

  • Foods with Vitamin C and Zinc
  • More greens
  • Carbs & protein (3:1 ratio for optimum performance)

Also, rest properly and keep a gap between hard workouts

One can simply rely on Vitamin C post-workout to help prevent the dip in immune function. In fact, you can easily find a good post-workout immunity supplementation for keeping your immunity in check.


When to take it?  Ideally take the nutrition & supplementation within 4-5 hours

How to take it? With a snack or meal rich in greens or with proteins & carbs (4:1 ratio for optimum performance)

How Does Vitamin C Supplementation Help In Post-Workout Recovery:

The right amount of Vitamin C through nutrition and supplementation post-workout is crucial for healthy immune functioning. It even aids in collagen production, nutrients absorption, and cardiovascular health. 

Most importantly it fights immuno dip and helps rebuild the defence mechanism to fight infections post workout. 

Thereby, it becomes important to know you are taking the right nutrition and not missing out on it. Having said that, let’s reflect on the post workout Vitamin C requirement. What should it be taken with and why?

Take Vitamin C With Proper Amount Of Carbs & Proteins:

Yes, you read that right. Your post-workout recovery diet should ideally be a good proportion of your carbs and proteins. People generally tend to avoid carbs but they are equally important.


Protein Facilitates Repairing and Building of Muscle 

You need your amino acids to repair and rebuild protein and the right amount of protein helps you with just that.

Recommended 0.14–0.23 g of protein per pound of body weight (0.3–0.5 grams/kg) very soon after a workout.

In fact, studies suggest consuming 20–40 grams of protein seems to maximize the body’s ability to recover after exercise.

Carbs aids in Recovery

The glycogen we talked about earlier is used as energy for the body during exercise. Consumption of carbs post-workout helps replenish these glycogen stores.

Your carbs consumption post-workout depends on your exertion level. To simplify if you are someone into endurance sports (swimming, running,etc.) you will require more carbs intake than someone in resistance training (for e.g. –  a bodybuilder). Athletes should simply focus more on carbs post-workout to restore their glycogen stores.

Therefore, to sum it up, consuming both carbs and protein after exercise can maximize protein and glycogen synthesis.

Tip: Consume a ratio of 3:1 (carbs to protein). For example, 40 grams of protein and 120 grams of carbs to accelerate muscle protein synthesis & glycogen levels.

When To Take Vitamin C After Workout:

Not many people would know but a good workout or physical activity eventually results in your muscles using up their glycogen (i.e. stored glucose for energy). Moreover, some of the protein in the muscle also gets broken down and damaged. Henceforth, you feel a sudden depletion in your energy levels.

The good part, our bodies know how to recover and thereby, it automatically tries to rebuild the glycogen stores and repair the muscle proteins. Consumption of right nutrients post-workout aids by speeding up this process. 

Taking Vitamin C After Workout is essential and it is recommended taking it with a good amount of carbs and protein


When to eat: Eat within 45 minutes of working out. Don’t go much longer than 2 hours

What to eat: A balanced amount of carbs & protein to stimulate muscle synthesis, recovery & restoring glycogen stores.

Your Recovery Has A Lot To Do With Supergreens Multivitamins and Fruits:

Remember when our mothers told us to eat our greens, well they still do! 

But, now we have grown more mature to realise the importance of it on our own. Our bodies need nutrition pre and post-workout to recover. Thereby, greens in our diet play a major role in keeping us fit and active.

Although a balanced diet including greens and fruits is sufficient for people but athletes and bodybuilders might be missing out on some essential vitamins and minerals despite.

To cover this gap in nutrition, many athletes and fitness buffs look out for multivitamins and supplements. It is best to take your green supplements with a rich meal. Most importantly, you can look out for supplements with 30+ ingredients, benefits of which our plate (meal) can never entirely cover. 

One best super greens powder could be a supplement that comes with antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and other powerful natural blends like alkalizing greens to power your recovery while covering the daily gap in nutrition. 

To sum up, one should not fear the process of post-workout recovery if the diet includes the right amount of Proteins, Carbs and Vitamin C after exercise, taken in a timely manner. 

Also, taking super greens powder with a rich diet of green leafy vegetables and fruits can keep your recovery in check.


Adding supplements to your diet does no harm. Many are readily available online and offline. However, if you are looking for some plant-based 100% vegan options then opt for Citrus-based vegetarian Vitamin C after workout and super greens powder.

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