Urban City Stories 

Urban City Stories is a qualified toddlers’ special game which gives the toddler a better experience about urban life. Urban City Stories is about a city and how it functions. There are 30 different characters which you can customize as your need. There are characters and interactions which give the toddler an experience of urban city life.

The game takes place in a huge city with many buildings and locations such as Police Station, Bank, Supermarket, fashion store, Cafe, Apartment, Metro Station, traditional house, and a youth club. the game is made on a ‘ Your city Your rules’ Manner which makes the toddler interested in the game.

Besides, the toddler can play any role in the given characters. The toddler can have a family life experience with the family in the urban city apartment, can be the supermarket owner which sell the products to his customers and replenish the products, can be the policeman, can be the banker or else if the toddler likes to party the youth club is open at any time.

If the toddler feels like becoming the superman or wonder woman it is just needed only a single tap to save the city. This game can be played on bigger screens using Android TV. You can use Filelinked to install this game on Android TV devices.

Moreover, you have the biggest fashion store in the middle of the city where you can shop at any time. It is the trendiest clothing store in the city where you can buy thousands of unique and gorgeous clothes, character accessories, and decorative hairstyles. So, it is a great chance to go and make yourself happy by buying some clothes for you. This facilitates to customize your fashion style and wear whatever you like.

The app is not designed only for children since many adults too love the game. The game is applicable to be enjoyed by the whole family since it is more interesting and gets the effect of liking more.

You can have a better city life experience with the different places situated in it. You have your own rules and you own the city the second you start to play the game. Urban City Stories gives the chance to experience the freedom to play in your way and it stimulates your imagination to build the most unforgettable memories.

By the feature of camera mode, you will be able to save and share the most wonderful moments you captured in the urban city. The free version of Urban city stories contains city streets, 2 indoor locations, and 10 game characters.

Once you’ve purchased you will be able to enjoy the full version of the play and there will be no unlocked places and characters. You will be able to meet new friends and neighbors after unlocking all the areas of the city. Also, you will be able to get to know many secrets and magics of the city.

The unlocked places and characters will be yours forever. The app has removed unnecessary advertisements and instances which creates violence in children’s minds. Also, we facilitate accountable social values and healthy habits that are valuable to children. So, it can be said that Urban City Stories is a secure and decent app to use by children.

You can download this app via the Play Store. If you want you can use the AC Market to download this app with more features and modifications.

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