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Ultimate RV Packing List for a First Time Camper

From portable generators and solar power to camping stoves and inflatable lights, it can feel overwhelming to know just how to pack for your first RV camping trip. However, regardless of how many items you bring or what gadgets you decide to try, you’re bound to have a better adventure if you pack the essentials. For a closer look at things that you’ll want to bring on your first RV camping trip, read on.

Proper Camping Clothing

Mother Nature loves surprises. If this is your first time camping, it’s a good idea to bring everything from your favorite petite jeans to an oversized sweatshirt and raincoat. Regardless of where you’ll be traveling, you’ll need clothing for all types of weather for you and your family.

When figuring out which clothes to pack for your first RV camping trip, consider the type of rig you’ll be traveling in, the kind of park you’ll be staying in, and any amenities or events that may impact what you need. For example, many RV parks have laundry facilities and big events. If you’ll be attending an RV park dance or another special event, you’ll want to be sure you pack for it. Likewise, knowing you’ll have laundry facilities at your disposal, you may be able to get away with packing lighter.

Camping Gear and Accessories

Regardless of if you’re staying at a premier RV park or free campsite, it’s a good idea to bring camping basics like a tent, headlights, technology for entertainment on rainy days or at night, and bug spray. Sunscreen, bear spray, sleeping bags, hygiene products, bathing suits, fire starters, cameras, umbrellas, a change of shoes, and medications are important to pack, too.

With the RV industry booming, there’s a big demand for camping accessories like portable batteries, solar power inverters, inflatable lights, and more. Consider the rig you’ll be driving and what you think you’ll need to be most comfortable. While camping supplies are important, they won’t make or break your trip if you’re traveling in an RV. When in doubt, bring the bare minimum and use this first trip to decide what you could have used for the next trip.

Cooking Supplies

If you’ll be traveling to an unusual destination and know you’ll need to do all your own cooking, it’s a good idea to buy a camping stove and fuel. Most camping stoves can be purchased for under $40 and run off butane or propane that you can purchase separately. A must-have item if your RV is smaller and doesn’t have a stove, something to cook on will add to your comfort on your trip.

When packing cooking supplies, remember utensils, a pot to cook with, cups, napkins, and plates. You’ll also want to consider seasoning, foods, and ice. Depending on if you have a refrigerator or cooler in your motorhome, you’ll want to get as much of your food ahead of time to prevent running around during your travels. With that said, there’s nothing wrong with stopping at a convenience store or grocery store as you go. In short, there are no real wrong answers.

By the time you settle into your campsite, you’ll be glad you took the time to pack with purpose, researched climates, and considered final destinations. With that said, it’s important to remember that everyone is different. The type of rig you’ll be traveling in, your final destination, climate, and whether you’ll have a long or short drive will all add up to different packing needs. Do what you can to trust your instincts as you plan your trip and pack your bags. Don’t forget to pack that camera and be ready for some epic memories. Happy travels to you and your family.

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