Top 3 Best Video Converters Software Reviewed In 2020

Are you looking for a reliable video converter software to convert your video into various formats? If so, then read on. You would surely end up downloading the best video converters and I’ll tell you what you don’t see when downloading or purchasing a product.

There are some things which software companies don’t want you to know but I promise to reveal every aspect of these video converters.

I have downloaded and tested several video file converter programs in order to find the most reliable video conversion software. To be exact, I have tested about 7 video format converter programs and out of those 7 products, 4 software was not worth buying or even trying.

The reason behind this is – those video converters simply support way less feature for their price and some of them support very few formats. I think you are not going to buy a separate video format converter every time you want to convert? Right?

Some Video converter products were very limited in features and didn’t even support some basic features. If you cannot customize the settings in a program, it is not worth buying or trying. With some research, you can always find a better product for the same price or a little bit more price. It is a good idea to spend a few bucks more rather than repent whenever you want to convert a video file to any other format.

The formats are increasing rapidly and you need to buy a product that supports the latest audio and video formats including HD and 4K video formats. I have downloaded and installed three best video converters myself and install them on my computer. All three video converters work, but one of them is better, way better.

The Three Most Reliable Video Converters

The three software is Wondershare Uniconverter (previously known as Video Converter Ultimate), Xilisoft video converter ultimate, and Any video converter ultimate.

1. Wondershare UniConverter

From the three programs that I have tested, I found that the Wondershare Uniconverter is the best and it’s the winner. You not only can use the program to convert video but also can use it to download video, edit video, and burn it to the disc. It works like a charm and it worked fastest on my computer.

The installation was quite easy for all three video converters. First of all, I used Wondershare UniConverter, tested its features and I was quite impressed with its overall functionality, its supports for almost all video format, and the super-easy user interface.

I did try to convert a file with it and it took 18 seconds to convert a 1 minute 16 seconds file into MP4 format. Quite impressive. I tested its effects feature, click, and crop features, and everything works!

Besides, it also supports lots of features like supporting over 1000 file formats. There also have preset for portable devices like gadgets, smartphones, and other portable devices. The only concern about this software is the price is slightly more expensive than others. Some of the reputable sites like DVD video converter also rated this software as the best converter.

2. Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate

Next, I tried the Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate. The installation was pretty easy and its user interface is quite easy. It is a good and fast video converter, however, it doesn’t support some features which are supported by Wondershare.

Xilisoft Video Converter is so customizable that you can do almost anything when it comes to converting of video files. You can found all the important features that you found on Wondershare. It is good software but not the best one. It took 22 seconds to convert the same file which Wondershare converted in 18 seconds.

Anyway, this is still a good converter that you can rely on.

3. Any Video Converter Ultimate

Then we tried Any Video Converter Ultimate. It installed file and when we ran the software, it seems as the screen of the software is automatically flickering. I tried to convert a file with it, but the speed is a little slow as compare to Wondershare. It supported little fewer features such as the supported input and output file formats.

If you just use it for normal video converting it also can get the jobs done pretty well. But if you look for extra features like rip DVD and burning the video content to DVD, it’s not available. One thing to note about this software is that the free version of Any video converter is very complete except some features missing.

The Conclusion

Wondershare UniConverter is the best video converter software. It is a little bit expensive but It is well worth the price and It supports some great features. After Wondershare, Xilisoft Video Converter is a good software If your requirements are pretty basic as well as you want to save some bucks.

I encourage you to download the free trial version of your desired video converter from their official page and try it out. You’ve got nothing to lose but you would surely end up buying the best video format converter software for sure.

We hope this review was very useful for you. If you need the details features, the pros, and cons of each of the software above, you are welcome to visit my site at

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