Things To Know How To Block Federal Bank ATM Card?

How To Block Federal Bank ATM Card?

Federal Bank is one of the brand in itself in India. There are many people who have their bank accounts with the Federal Bank and are quite happy with the services which are being offered by this bank. Today we will be talking about the debit card or the ATM card which is issued by the Federal Bank.

I will tell you the steps which you have to follow if you have lost your card and want to block the card. It is always recommended that you should keep your things secret when it comes to ATM Cards.

I agree that the debit cards or the ATM Cards are amazing. But if you are not taking the right care of your card then your bank account is probably in danger. Here when I say your bank account is in danger. What I really mean is the bank account balance which you have in your bank account. There are many banks that are operating in India and all the banks that are offering their customers free debit cards. However, we have to pay the annual maintenance charges which can go up to Rs. 1,000 per annum. This charge depends upon the type of debit card you are using.

If you have a regular debit card then you will be charged around Rs. 150 to Rs. 250 + taxes. And if you are using a high-end debit card then your charges will go up to Rs. 1,000 per annum. The banks charge more when your card comes branded with some company and has good offers to you. There are some debit cards like the one which is issued by the IDFC FIRST Bank. If you are using the Signature Debit Card then you will be getting Rs. 250 off on BookMyShow every month.

Want to Be Safe? Handle your Card with Care

I have mentioned above that the debit cards can get your account into danger too. But how can that happen? Let me explain to you this thing before I tell you the process to block your Federal Bank debit card.

Let us assume that I have an international debit card that is issued to me by the Federal Bank. And I have lost it somewhere while traveling.

And my card was picked by someone. Now what happens is the person who found my card has access to the below-mentioned details.

  • He or She has my debit card number.
  • Name on the debit card.
  • The expiry date of the card.
  • And also the 3 digits CVV Code number.

What that person does not have is my 4 digits PIN Number. But can he still make purchases using my lost debit card?

The answer to this question is a big Yes. Some of the debit cards can be used to make payments even without entering the ATM PIN Number. This is true in many cases and I have personally experienced this thing with me.

This is just one case. And the other case is if your debit card is enabled for contactless payments. Then you are in more danger.

The one who has found the card just has to tap your card on the POS machine and the payment will be automatically done. There is no need to enter your PIN Number.

But we are lucky enough because the maximum amount that can be paid using the contactless payments is capped at Rs. 2,000 in India.

How to Avoid this Unauthorized Usage?

If someone is using your debit card or the ATM card without your permission then it is nothing but the unauthorized usage. But how can you avoid this?

If you want to avoid this kind of usage of your lost Federal Bank ATM Card then you have to block your Federal Bank Card immediately. And I will be telling you the methods which you can follow to block the card today.

The Customer Education Initiative by the Banks

The banks in India are working out very hard to educate their customers about the debit card safety. We will be often receiving SMS from the bank telling that no one from the bank will ever ask you for your debit card details.

This is because the most common kind of debit card and credit card fraud done in India is by calling someone and telling them they are calling from the bank.

Slowly they will ask you the debit card details and also the OTP number in some cases and money will be lost.

This is the reason why the banks keep on telling us not to share the debit card details with anyone. Even I would like to tell you the same thing today.

Please never share your debit card details to anyone. And if you feel that your card details have been exposed or breached then take steps to change your PIN number immediately.

Should You Now Change the PIN or Block the Card?

This is a common confusion which few people have when they have lost the card. What should be done now? Should they block the card or change the PIN Number?

Let me answer.

If you have lost your card then you have to immediately block the card and not change the PIN Number. There is no use of changing the PIN Number if you have lost the card.

You should change the debit card PIN number only when you feel that someone else knows your PIN. But in case you have lost it don’t change the PIN number just go and block the card immediately.

How Can You Block Your Lost Federal Bank ATM Card?

If you want to block the card then you can do it by following two methods which are mentioned below. The first one is by sending an SMS to the bank. And the second method is by calling the customer care to inform them that you have lost your card.

When you inform them they will block the card so that it cannot be used any further if it has been found by someone else.

How to Block by SMS?

Just type the SMS BLOCK <space>XXXX and send it to 5676762. Replace XXXX with the last 4 digits of your ATM Card.

How to Block by Call?

Call the customer care of the bank on their phone number: +91 1800 425 1199 and tell them that you have lost your Federal Bank debit card. They will ask you if you are sure about the card being blocked. Tell them, yes and they will block your card immediately.


There are even other methods that you can follow to block your lost Federal Bank ATM Card. But I have mentioned only these two. The reason is these are the fastest methods to block the card. It actually does not matter how you block it. What matters now is how quickly you block it before it has been used by someone else and you losing money.

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