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The Value Of An Intranet As A Marketing Tool

An intranet is often regarded as a tool that is most valuable for specific departments throughout your business (perhaps IT or HR departments), but that is not the case. With enough understanding, it can be hugely valuable across a range of different departments, including marketing.

What is an Intranet?

An intranet tool is a private network of devices used by an organization. Its primary purpose is to serve as a digital environment in which employees can communicate, share documents, collaborate on projects, and much more. Below outlines the value of an intranet system as a marketing tool, but to find out more about how an intranet can benefit your business click here.

Content Management

One of the most important things about a brand is the need to be consistent. That is why marketing departments all over the world find an intranet system extremely useful for content management – giving marketeers a place to store and share all of the assets that they need to do their job properly. By putting these assets on an easily searchable database, content management becomes easy and fast, as assets can be found with just a few taps of a keyboard.

Having a company intranet also allows you to have a record of company knowledge, producing a central database that is easily read and scoured (like a wiki article), full of information about the company that can be updated and edited, so your employees can quickly find answers to their questions.

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Update Staff About Marketing Initiatives

An intranet system allows marketing teams to share updates and news about external marketing efforts such as blog posts, published articles, press releases, news articles, and more. It is a great way for a whole organization to easily stay in touch with the marketing department. This will often come in handy, such as when a customer service team are asked questions related to marketing efforts.

Boost Employee Morale

Recognizing your employees for their work is highly important. Companies that use intranet systems are presented with an easy way to recognize their employees, working to improve retention and boost morale. This can be in the form of feedback from managers and more, but an intranet system can also be used to deliver customer feedback – one of the best ways to boost morale is to show employees customer feedback so that they can see the positive work that they are doing.

Store Marketing Resources

Marketing can store resources to be shared and accessed across departments – that means that marketing documents like the corporate white paper, case studies, templates, newsletters, and more can be found instantly by any employee. This is particularly useful for anybody in sales, as they will need marketing resources whenever they are looking to acquire or nurture leads. It can be combined with a CRM system, so a sales team can easily see which leads have been sent which marketing materials.

That effectively means that your employees can better serve your customers. It also means that your company enjoys the benefits associated with higher efficiencies.

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