The Ultimate Guide To Annual Report Design In 2020

Annual Report Designing Guide 2020

Company annual reports refer to a comprehensive text which includes the activities of the company in the past year, analysis of the financial statement of the company, its growth, and management and goals for the current year. It works as a summary for shareholders, investors, and the general public to know and perceive the work done by the company in the last financial year.

When company annual reports are imagined, what comes to mind are booklets of around 15-20 pages filled with texts and numbers that turn to gibberish if you look at them for long. They fail to hold anyone’s attention and fail to fulfill their one aim: to interest the party reading it in favor of the company.

Company annual reports are filled with facts, data, and information regarding the company’s activities and profits and losses that it underwent last year. It is a mine of data that can, with a little creativity, grab the reader’s attention. For that, one needs to understand the correct format a company annual report should follow and how to design it. 

The Format:

A company annual report means to show your investors and shareholders your company’s financial performance. Hence it should include the following points:

  • An introduction to the company.
  • An overview of the year.
  • Chairman’s speech.
  • Director’s statement.
  • Financial review.
  • Management review.
  • Auditor’s review.
  • Cash Flow Statement.
  • Balance sheet.
  • Corporate governance.
  • Accounting policies.
  • Current year goals.

This format covers the significant points and data that one would want to let the parties know who will read the company’s annual report. What one must keep in mind while designing the company’s annual report is to keep the text to the minimum and attract the reader’s attention with the help of graphs, pictorial representation, and art that will require the least amount of concentration and will not scare the general public off with its daunting text and number filled pages.

The Design:

From the points mentioned above, which are included in the format, one can do nothing about the statements and speeches part. Those must remain in text format. But the part that contains data and figures can be transformed into graphics that will catch anyone’s eye. Using the right designing strategy makes people think that the company is dedicated to its work and creates a positive impact on the reader.

The question arises on how to design the company’s annual report correctly. Given below are some techniques one can use to make the most out of your company’s annual report:


When it comes to displaying your numbers and statistics, infographics must be your go-to. And no, infographics are not limited to just graphs and charts.

When you display statistics in your company’s annual report, you are taking your readers from the beginning of the last year to its end. It is chronological; it is a story of your company. It details your company’s growth and setbacks. The major decisions are taken in your company last year and their impact on the functioning of the company.

And what could be better to tell a story than pictures? One could use mind maps, take the children’s tales, and relate them to their company’s journey in the past fiscal year. 

Go digital:

Become an example for other companies by stopping the usage of paper for your company’s annual reports. You can design and present it digitally, through an app or website. Or if you want to make it immersive and interactive, make a video. This is a great way to explore the designs and formats you can use because now you are not limited to the boundaries of a paper. You can include this in your environment conservation campaign.

Use a specialist:

to ensure that your company’s annual report is best and up to date with the ongoing trends, you can employ a specialist to design and produce it. Tofler provides you with that service. They are inept in transforming boring data into fascinating designs. Their reports are easy to read and comprehensive, including all the information needed in a statement. 

Include people:

People connect to other people better than they relate to figures and numbers. Show the people of your company, make a segment in your company’s annual report where the employees can have their say. It is a great way to boost the image of your company and connect with the general public.

The time is changing. Those times are gone when annual reports used to be fussy and filled with text no one wanted to read. The more effort and creativity one puts in their report, the more positive outcome and praise they get. So, now is the time to design your report with a wave of refreshing ideas and bright colors.

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