The Top 5 Video Plugins For Your WordPress Site

Choosing the best video plugin for your WordPress site can be challenging. The video has become a highly effective element for driving traffic and that is one of the reasons why many website owners invest some time in creating useful and interesting videos. Actually, it’s been reported that including videos in blog posts boosts click-through rates and visitors to your site. However, not all video plugins are perfect for your needs. So, what video plugins should you be using on your site? Here are the top 5 video plugins that might catch your interest in and potentially add them to your WordPress site.

VideoLight Box 

This is a video plugin that will give you the chance to create beautiful video lightboxes. It’s a simple yet powerful tool that lets you add videos to your blog posts, pages, and custom post types. Plus, it’s highly customizable so that you can tweak it according to your needs. VideoLight Box comes with an easy-to-use interface where you can edit the settings of your videos. Aside from that, this plugin also provides options for adding social sharing buttons and more. 

VideoLight Box allows you to play a video in full-screen mode and even lets you embed YouTube videos. It’s also easy to use, making it an excellent and valuable option for beginners. One of the best things about this plugin is that it has an extensive documentation section where you can get help with any issues you may encounter while using VideoLight Box. 

While this plugin is free, there’s also a premium version available for those who want some extra features. 

HD FLV Player

This popular free plugin allows you to play videos on your WordPress website. HD FLV Player has several valuable features, including support for YouTube videos and the ability to embed HTML5 videos. You’ll also find options for creating a responsive player and adding social sharing buttons.

 The plugin also comes with a couple of useful shortcodes that you can use to display your videos. There are settings for adjusting your player controls’ size, color, and opacity. You can also choose between light or dark skin for the player. HD FLV Player is an excellent alternative to the video light Box, and it’s worth checking out if you’re looking for another free plugin. 

YouTube Embed 

YouTube Embed is a free plugin that allows you to embed videos from the popular video-sharing site. It’s easy to use and has valuable features, including support for YouTube’s recommended videos feature and the ability to display related videos below your chosen video. There are also settings for adjusting the size of your player controls and using light or dark skin for them. If you’re looking for a good video plugin, then it’s worth checking out. 

YouTube Embed also supports the ability to show videos from other sources, including Vimeo and Dailymotion. This is useful if you want to use this plugin as a general video player rather than just for displaying YouTube videos.


This is another plugin that is available if you want to display YouTube videos. It’s a bit more limited than the other two plugins mentioned here, as it only supports displaying the most recent video on your blog or website. It’s still useful if you want to show off a single video without having to embed it manually in each post.

Videopack has a simple interface, making it very easy to set up and customize. You can change the video player’s size, choose whether to show controls, and even add custom CSS if you want.

FV Flowplayer Video 

Flowplayer Video is a plugin that allows you to display videos from multiple sources, including YouTube. Anyone can use it for their website or blog since it’s free and open source. Flowplayer Video has an extensive API and supports many different formats, including MP4. 

The plugin is easy to set up and customize and even easier for users because there are no settings. You install the plugin via WordPress’s built-in system, add the generated HTML code, and you’re done!

Creating videos and adding them to your WordPress site is easiest with a plugin. Plugins make it easy for users because they’re self-contained, but they also give you the flexibility needed to customize your site. You can easily use plugins as a starting point, but you should always customize them to suit your needs. By using plugins as a base and adding your own code, you’ll be able to create exactly what you want for your site.

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