The Top 5 File Conversion Software

File Conversion Software

File Conversion! Did you know there are 95 common file types in Windows 10 alone? With so many available formats, you might find you need a converter.

That’s because you may not always have the software someone used to create a file. Using a converter is better than using the software yourself.

When choosing file conversion software, look for something that’s user-friendly. It should also convert a wide range of formats, or batch-convert lots of files at once.

So which is the best file conversion software? Read on to discover our top 5.

1. Filestar

Filestar is a great all-rounder because it supports over 20,000 file conversions. It’s a Windows desktop application that offers batch conversions.

This versatile software also goes beyond simple document conversion. It gives a wide range of extra functions too.

You can resize or rotate images, and apply filters. It also lets you split PDF documents, and add or remove pages.

2. AltoPDF

AltoPDF is great for online file conversion. It works across Mac OS, Linux, and Windows.

It also offers free file conversion and you don’t need to install any software. You can even drag PDFs onto their online tool and export single pages out to other software.

AltoPDF lets you edit and format PDFs. You can even get JPEG files from PDFs.

If you’re looking for an online file converter, you can also convert HTML to PDF in C#.

3. Zamzar

Zamzar is a great option if you need to convert different types of files, not just documents. For example, you can convert an mp3 file to an mp4. Or convert an FLV file to mp3.

Then there are the usual file conversions, like Excel to PDF. It offers around 1200 formats and you don’t need to download specific software.

4. Converter Elite

PDF Converter Elite is a great option if you need to create editable files from PDFs. It also converts to both MS Office and OpenOffice formats.

It’s a fast file converter with an intuitive interface. This speeds up your workflow by working quickly in the background.

It also offers a 10-day free trial so you can try out all the features before you buy.

5. Onlineconvertfree

This platform proves that you don’t need to install specific file conversion software. It works entirely in your browser. It’s also a free converter, which makes it a helpful tool to use.

Onlineconvertfree supports around 50 formats, and you can convert PDF documents to many other formats.

It offers a simple interface that’s easy to use. Simply drag your files onto the page, choose the format you want, and let the conversion happen.

Which File Conversion Tool Will You Use?

You have plenty of options when it comes to file conversion. Choose a solution that suits how often you’ll use it.

If you need to batch-convert a lot of files on a regular basis? A paid program might be the better choice. Yet if you’re converting occasional documents? The online platforms could be your best bet.

Try a few of our top 5 and see which converter best suits your needs.

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