The Only Wiper Blade Buying Guide You Need

Having a poor degree of visibility on the road can turn out to be extremely dangerous, both for you and your fellow drivers and passersby. The wiper blade on your car are an essential safety accessory that enhances your visibility on the road. Hence, it becomes essential to purchase only the best and the most effective set of wiper blades for your automobile.

Wiper blades are a car accessory that probably requires the most amount of attention when you are purchasing a new set of wiper blades for your car. This guide right here helps you make a better decision as a car owner when it comes to purchasing wiper blades.

What all to consider when choosing a wiper blade set?

Choosing the best wiper blades for your car can be quite tricky considering the saturation of the internet with fake and counterfeit products. Here are a few parameters you must consider before making the purchase:

1.   The right size of wiper blades

It is super essential for you to find the right fit of wiper blades from a reliable car exterior accessory store. A wiper blade that doesn’t sit nicely on the curvature of the windshield will not be able to clean the glass effectively. Here are a few things you can do to figure out the right size of wiper blades for your car:

  • Manufacturer’s instructions

The best way to know the exact size of wiper blades you need is to refer to the manufacturer’s manual.

  • Manual measurement

If you happen to have lost the user’s manual, the next best way to find the right size is by measuring it using an inch tape.

  • Local mechanic’s assistance

If it is still hard for you to figure out the exact size of your wiper blades, you can visit the local auto store person or a mechanic.

  • Online blade size finder

The internet also avails you with an automatic car blade size finder. All you have to do is enter the model and manufacturing year details of your automobile and the software will suggest the most suitable car blade size for your vehicle.

2.   The right type of wiper blades

There are basically three types of car wiper blades available in the Indian market:

  • Standard wiper blades

Conventional wiper blades were the most commonly used wiper blades for most cars up until a few years ago. A conventional wiper blade is made of a central bridge with articulated links that provides 4 to 8 pressure links. The spring flexors help to evenly distribute the pressure on the glass for effective cleaning.

  • Flat wiper blades

Most modern cars are fitted with flat wiper blades. A flat wiper blade is made of a tensioned metal flexor that supports the rubber element. The structure of the flat wiper blades offers aerodynamic shape that helps in reduced noise production. Flat wiper blades are also more discreet as compared to standard wiper blades, hence, hindering less of the driver’s view.

  • Hybrid wiper blades

A hybrid wiper blade is a blend of both conventional and flat wiper blades. Hence, it is able to provide the aerodynamic property of flat wiper blades and the performance of conventional wiper blades. A hybrid wiper blade is constructed of an integrated spoiler that runs along the entire length of the blade. This not only reduces wind lift, maintaining a constant down force, but allows a smooth and quiet functioning even at a higher speed.


So, here was the ultimate guide for purchasing wiper blades. When looking for a premium car accessory like wiper blades online, don’t forget to check the amazing variety Hope this article was helpful for you and enjoyed reading it through to the end. Have a great day ahead!

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