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The Best Way To Decorate Your Home With Corridor Mat

Corridor mats can be a great decoration choice, especially for halls. Not only do they make hallways look more spacious and livelier, but they also provide the much-needed light. You can place small lamps at the ends of the rugs or hang pendant lights over them. Make sure that there is adequate light to guide guests as they enter and exit the halls. Here are some ways to decorate with a corridor mat.

Linear patterns

Using a linear pattern is a great way to give a dull hallway a bit of character. You can place them either vertically or horizontally. The size difference between the two will help them stand out and add a bit of visual interest. If your hallway has high ceilings, it will look especially nice with a linear pattern. You can also place a small lamp at one end of the hallway and a pendant light over it. To see the more decoration technique of corridor mats see https://matsdubai.ae/service/corridor-mats/

Wall-mounted shelf

A small hallway poses a unique design challenge. The limited space makes it hard to choose appropriate furniture and accents. Decorating a small hall requires creative space saving methods. Empty the hall by removing unused objects and putting fewer objects on display. Less clutter will make the hallway look larger and more open. A wall-mounted shelf will save valuable floor space and elevate the look of your hall.

Embossed wallpaper

There are several ways to use embossed wallpaper to add style to your home. Wallpaper with a raised texture can hide minor undulations and architectural flaws in the walls. While most wallpapers are sturdy enough to hide such problems, not all wallpapers are. Embossed wallpapers can also help you conceal wall imperfections like rough patches, scratches, and cracks. However, if you’re planning on using embossed wallpaper for long periods of time, this may not be the best choice.


While hallways don’t offer much real estate, they can be a wonderful focal point for your home. If you’re looking for a way to make a long, narrow hallway appear longer, consider using a series of smaller, patterned runners. The repetition will draw the eye down the narrow hallway and make a dramatic visual impact. If you’re going to use a corridor mat to anchor your design scheme, choose one made from durable material such as leather or wool.

Area rugs

Adding area rugs to a room is the quintessential decorative accessory. They add character and warmth to a room, and there are many different styles and colors to choose from. If you’re not sure how to choose an area rug, consider these tips. These tips will help you find the right one for your space and make it more comfortable and inviting. In addition, you can save a lot of money on your area rug by finding a bargain.


The first thing you need to consider when decorating your home with a corridor mat is its size. Small corridors are generally too narrow and cramped to accommodate much decoration. A full-length mirror, however, can transform your small hallway into a rainbow of color. It can be used for dressing, or as a panel along the length of the corridor. Mirror corridors require several items to be placed on opposite sides.

Floating shelves

Mirrors are a classic and effective decor addition to any room. They’re a great choice for floating shelves because they can draw attention to an accent piece while adding functionality to the space. Use a round mirror to provide a striking contrast with the sleek, white cabinet below. Mirrors can be repainted to match changing tastes – add some gold for a modern look or a black, white, or brown mirror for a rustic vibe. To see the detail video of corridor mats see https://youtu.be/8jXAPou7R1I

Area rug runners

Corridor rugs are a beautiful way to add warmth to a hallway. They can also be used as a runner or as a divider. You can find these items on various websites, such as CB2 or Etsy. Here are a few tips for decorating with a corridor mat. The best way to decorate your home with a corridor mat depends on the layout of the hallway.

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