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As a content provider, animator, or representative of any other part of the video industry, you probably know the importance of voice-over and narration. The talent of a voice actor can raise your popularity and bring new viewers all over the world. But poor acting may ruin the whole project.

Successful producers and animators understand this. It’s the reason they invite first-class stars to give voices to their characters. But what if you don’t have enough budget to pay Angelina Jolie or George Clooney? The answer is simple: use one of the online services, allowing you to find the best actors for your project with any budget.

To help you with the selection, we’ll prepare the description of the top three voice-over and narration services.


This is a leader in the industry. You can find a particular dialect, language, or accent easily here. You have a choice of more than 1700 dialects. It’s therefore incredibly convenient if you want to promote your product in a particular country or region worldwide.

The process of casting is fast and convenient. First, you can apply multiple filters to find the category of actors you need. This includes age, gender, tone, style, experience, and vocal characteristics. After that, listen to voice demos to evaluate the qualities and select a perfect match before any commitment.

The third advantage of is the quality. All the actors participating in the project have to pass the equipment check when recording a remote voice-over. Professional sound engineers make sure that their home studios meet the standards. And we have to admit that the standards are really high.


A decent marketplace where you can find voice actors. The search function is not as impressive as on, but you still have access to the database of talents from more than 160 countries. This service offers you to post the casting invitation and describe the types of voices you need.

Actors who are interested in your offer will contact you. The downside of this service is the lack of opportunity to search for the voices actively. You have to wait for their replies to your post.


It’s an exciting platform with a comparatively good selection of more than 100 languages. Here you can find a freelancer for your project in several ways. The first automatic option entrusts the assignment to the AI. The second way is to browse yourself and use the search on the platform.

You can also create a contest, posting the future job description and inviting the actors to participate in the competition. The service offers a money-back guarantee that comes in handy if the quality of the job doesn’t satisfy you.

As you can see, you have plenty of options when it comes to searching for a voice actor. You don’t have to limit yourself with borders and language barriers. Convenient online services will help you find the best voices for your movie or video in minutes. Get started today and take your voice-over to the next level!

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