The Best Static Code Analysis Tool For 2021

Static code analysis is, without a doubt an effective technique for debugging a program without actually executing it. Static code analysis has revolutionized the process of debugging, mainly because it allows us to check the code in the very early stages of application development.

What Is A Static Code Analysis Tool?

A static code analysis tool is automated software designed specifically to point out the threats and vulnerabilities of an application before it is distributed to the customers. This tool helps software developers hunt for errors and bugs and remove them efficiently, saving them time, money, and efforts that might be required after distribution.

Well, a static code analysis tool can be of great benefit for software development, but choosing the right static development tool may become confusing, although these tools have been in the market for many years. Don’t sweat, this article is all about choosing the best static code analysis tool, that is fit for your purpose.

Here are some important things you should keep in mind while choosing the best static code analysis tool for 2021

Do you own the application source code?

To figure out the best static code analysis tool for you, your team, or your enterprise, you should make sure that do you posses the source code for the applications you want to check. Many developers and companies only posses the executable files, source code is owned by a third party. You’ll have to make different choices for both of these scenarios.

Are you currently using any tools for application quality?

If you are already using a static code analysis tool, you should consider the compatibility, security, and familiarity of the new tool with the one you’re already using. Moreover, clarify whether you need to add a new tool, or merge it with the older one to get an advanced tool.

After you’ve got the answer to these most important questions, now you are ready to get new static analysis tools for 2021. Look for the following things in a tool while choosing

Development language of applications

Different static code analysis tools are compatible with different programming languages. Identify the programming language you use for developing applications, this way you will be able to get the most suitable tool. For instance, if you use Java and .NET for your programming operations, getting a C/C++ tool won’t be a great choice.

What is the intended use of a tool?

Mostly, tools are intended for a single type of use, as individuals, teams, and enterprises. Identify your intended use. It will make the process easier for you. However, a tool intended for individual use might also provide results like an enterprise tool, but it may limit the track of errors and bugs in applications.

What is the budget?

Whether you are an enterprise, a team, or an individual, keeping the tool under your budget is very important. If you are a team, just choose a tool that is fit for your purpose. Getting an enterprise edition static code analysis tool might give you better results, but it will get out of budget and cause a burden.

Now, when you have an answer to all of these questions, you will have a clear picture in your mind. The final thing you need to consider

Open source vs Commercial static code analysis tools

Open source tools are the best fit for you if you are the owner of source code for the applications. Open source tools analyze the code line by line, so they are more effective. But, they may cost you more.

If you get applications from a third party, you’ll probably have executable files rather than source code. Another possibility is, the vendor does not want to share the source files with you. Commercial tools are best for this cause. These tools analyze the applications in an execution state and suggest the changes to make them better.

Getting the best static code analysis tools can do wonders for software developers if chosen correctly. aims to help teams and enterprises improve the quality and of software through seamless and dependent static code quality review tools that fit multiple development environments.

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