The Best Online Criminal Justice and Criminology Degrees

Just like money, death, and taxes will always be constants in life, crime seems to be another ongoing constant. Though this is an unfortunate reality, crime has to be tackled and not just ignored. Many individuals are facing this field head-on by studying criminal justice and criminology.

There are a wide variety of colleges that offer some of the best online criminal justice and criminology degree programs. Today, we’ll focus on the ones you should check out as you pursue a career in criminal justice.

Faulkner University

For those seeking a career in the fields of criminal justice or criminology, Faulker University is one of the best choices for obtaining your degree. Their online criminal justice degree program is one of the best in the nation, providing instruction for over 20 years. For a high school graduate who wants to pursue a career as a bounty hunter, corrections officer, crime lab analyst, detective, probation officer, police officer, crime scene investigator, or FBI Agent, Faulkner should be at the top of their list. Though based in Montgomery, Alabama, the school provides online courses for those seeking to pursue a criminal justice program from home. After going through the college admissions process and meeting with a college admissions counselor, you’ll be that much closer to earning your bachelor’s degree in criminal justice.

Faulkner University offers several degree programs. These include the Associate of Science in Legal Studies degree, the Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies degree, the Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice degree, and the Master of Science in Justice Administration degree. These degree courses are staffed by faculty who are attorneys or former law enforcement personnel. They bring years of insight from their time in the fields of criminology to the classroom. This first-hand experience can help former high schoolers prepare for the intensive nature of their criminology field. For those students who have chosen criminal justice as their career path, Faulkner University is a great choice.

University of Phoenix

Another university that offers a solid criminal justice and criminology degree program is the University of Phoenix. After consulting college advising companies to find a college that offers the best online criminal justice degree programs, the University of Phoenix will be at the top of that list. You can obtain your Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration (BSCJA) from the school. The courses offered by the university provide you with the skills needed to prepare for administrative responsibilities in law enforcement, criminal courts, and corrections. The coursework celebrates critical thinking applied to criminology theory.

Some of the top skills learned through the program include communication, problem-solving, innovation, research, and operations. Coursework for the program is varied, encompassing many different aspects of the criminal justice field. Their criminal justice program includes courses such as Survey of Criminal Justice, Ethics in Criminal Justice, Diversity in Criminal Justice, and Theories of Criminology and Victimology. As mentioned before, some of the careers that you can obtain with your BSCJA include detective sergeant, police sergeant, and loss prevention manager. The University of Phoenix offers one of the best online criminal justice and criminology degree programs.

University of Central Florida

The University of Central Florida offers an online bachelor of arts and bachelor of science in criminal justice program. You’ll receive in-depth insight into the justice system, while also being prepared for career opportunities in the private and public sectors. The online program has a particular focus on the history of American crime and how to research and analyze data. You are taught how to utilize the practical application of these lessons to whatever criminal justice field you decide to move into.

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