The Best Business Intelligence Tools For 2021

If your company is growing rapidly, it’s time to support your organization with data and analytics to support that growth.

Business intelligence tools have come a long way in the past decade. Friendly user interfaces combined with smart AI means that anyone in the organization now has access to the information they need at the touch of a button.

But which tool is right for your business? Here is a breakdown of the best business intelligence tools for 2021. 


Domo delivers cloud-based analytics and business intelligence. They offer a sophisticated suite of integration tools allowing businesses to connect to any data source they need. To know more about cloud, join Google cloud training and become google certified professional cloud architect. 

Domo is designed around a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface. This makes it easy for businesses to adopt it without the need for specialist technical staff to oversee the setup. 


Microstrategy is one of the business enterprise platforms for business intelligence. Customers can use this platform to pull in data sources from other business intelligence tools, such as Qlik. 

MicroStrategy offers a self-service platform. This allows new users to quickly and intuitively access the data they need from one dashboard. Sophisticated analytics functionality makes this platform popular for sales departments. 


Sisense is a web-based business intelligence platform. It caters to all types and sizes of business. Big names such as Wix have adopted Sisense for their business intelligence capability. Still, the platform is also well suited to SMEs.

Sisense claims to be the most comprehensive analytics platform. This helps businesses integrate data into every aspect of their existing business processes. 


Chartio is a code-free, cloud-based application. It is a self-service platform with a simple dashboard that is easy for end-users to follow. Users can connect to Chartio and use their drag-and-drop interface to run queries. 

Chartio was recently bought out and is now part of the Atlassian brand, famous for big enterprise apps such as Trello.  

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Dundas is a web-based self-service platform. If you want a user-friendly platform, the drag-and-drop features for the business intelligence reporting mean you won’t need technical staff to run the application. 

Dundas offers close customer support for the platform implementation. That is particularly useful for SMEs. It helps ensure they get the power and depth from setting up a business intelligence platform for their organization. 


Qlik is an enterprise-level platform with excellent ratings for customer support. Qlik is pitched as an end-to-end data integration suite that offers the end user a breath of analytics for their reporting needs. 

The platform is built with AI, which is why this advanced analytics is used by big multinational organizations such as HSBC. 


Tableau is one of the market leaders in business intelligence. Interactive dashboards make it easy for end-users to visualize and interpret the data presented to them. 

By fully grasping the importance of business intelligence, a platform like Tableau offers your organization a competitive advantage. This article provides some great tips on how to get the most from BI tools. 

Best Business Intelligence Tools

With this list of the best business intelligence tools for 2021, it is now over to you to make a decision. Which platform is the most suitable fit for your business?

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