Technological Inventions That Changed The NBA

Technology has impacted a lot of sporting events, and basketball is not an exception. Sometimes when you think about it, one can’t help but wonder how the game was enjoyed in the past? When there was limited viewing experience, no replay systems, tracking cameras, and the likes.

However, thanks to the advancement in sports tech, all these features are now available and make the game of basketball more enjoyable to both the players and the fans. Bettors are not left out as they get to wager on great NBA odds at top sportsbooks. And thanks to accurate predictions from reputable websites, such as BetUS, the bets are more accurate than ever.

But really, how has technology improved the NBA? Below are just some great inventions that revolutionized the game of basketball.  


VAR is to football as VU is to basketball. While judging players, considerable attention is given to player points, assists, rebounds, blocks, and field-goal percentage. 

Though they are intricate areas to judge, the SportVU system has introduced a better angle and other parameters to judge.

The addition of VU cameras to strategic points around the arena in the NBA has revolutionized the way every player is analyzed. 

Audiences and players could see how scores were calculated and inserted, whether a rebound was contested, how many points were generated, and player stats and tactics are also in the record available for audiences to see. 

Streaming Options 

A few years back, viewers were not able to watch live sports. They could only view it and watch players in nationally filmed games. 

However, with the new on-demand view, fans can now subscribe to the NBA league pass. It allows them to watch any team, anywhere in the world live. 

They can also purchase game streaming online to follow the live-action. The price is affordable for every fan and sometimes offers bonuses to new and existing subscribers. 

Shot Clock

No technology has an indelible mark like the shot clock. The 24-seconds shot clock was introduced in 1954. How did you think Kobe Bryant (Rest his soul) acquired his jersey number 24? It’s more than a lucky number.

Before the pre-shot era, the opposing team at the front may decide to hold onto the ball indefinitely at the last quarter. Due to this factor, the scores were drastically low. The most intriguing fact was that players could only get the ball by making a foul. 

NBA teams could keep away without being penalized. However, with the shot clock, half a minute of keeping away costs a turnover. Thanks to the automatic scoring, teams have been able to score big points ever since the inception of the shot clock.

Officiating Technology 

The referees are the deciding factors that determine the ingenuity of a shot. Whatever they say goes. When the buzzer is out, a shot is made as far as the referee is concerned. 

The haphazard and misguided way of officiating reached its pinnacle after the unforgettable Western Conference Finals between the Los Angeles Lakers and Sacramento Kings in 2002.

A Lakers team member made a three-pointer shot, but he made the shot after time had expired. However, it still counted as a win, leading them to victory against the Sacramento Kings 100-99. 

After the infamous match, the NBA introduced the instant replay feature. The referees could replay a shot to check its validity and any foul created. 

Other elements were employed to further assist the referee in making satisfactory judgments. Some include a backboard with a red LED light that glows when the game clock expires. 

The lightning along each sideline helps the referee make precise judgments over the ball’s location when the buzzer goes off. The referee also has a built-in sensor in their whistles that automatically stops the game clock when the whistle is blown.

Could there be more for the NBA?

Of course, there’s more. With all the chattering about web3 and the metaverse, fans wonder if the NBA would leverage the NFT atmosphere. 

The advancement in technology in the NBA may still await the use in the metaverse use cases. Fans may have the option to switch player cards and sell ownership to one another.

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