Sweardle 4 Words Guessing Game: How to Play it

Sweardle is one of the most well-known words guessing games but least popular than Foodle and Wordle.

All these types of web-based word guessing games are different from other word guessing games. As we know, a word guessing game is a game that is played by guessing the word by putting the alphabet in empty blocks.

If the word that you have guessed is correct, you will win the game but if the word is wrong then, you have to try again.

Sweardle is different from all other word guessing games. In other games, you have unlimited tries to guess the word but in sweardle, you have only 4 tries.

Another important difference is that you can win this game once a day. You can try multiple times but you can only win one time.

For example, if you have guessed what the word is, you have to wait for the next day to guess a new word.


The game runs on a special algorithm. Every day, the desired word is changed. For example, if today’s word is Cook, then no matter how much time you refresh the site, the word will remain the same.

The next day, the guessed word (cook) will be replaced with a new word.

How to Play Sweardle?


The game is very simple and easy. You have to understand the basic rules of the game.

Below are the rules of the game for your understanding.

  • If a letter is marked in green, it shows that it is the right letter, in the right place.
  • If a letter is marked in yellow then, it shows that the letter is in the word, but not in that place.
  • If a letter is marked in Grey then, it shows that the letter is not in the word.
  • You only get 4 chances to guess the word.

Now, that you have understood the rules of this game then start playing the game. Just go to the sweardle website and start selecting random words like cook, home, lift, bath, etc. If a word is marked green then it means that you have guessed the right alphabet in exactly that place where it has been marked.

If the word is marked yellow then it means that you have guessed the right word but the word doesn’t come in that place where it is marked yellow. It means the alphabet is guessed right but the position is not right.

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The hint is valid on July 25, 2022. The below hints will help you to guess the word.

  • The word starts from H.
  • The word ends on P.
  • The word contains one vowel in it.

Hope you have understood what is sweardle game and how to play sweardle.



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