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For making modifications or controlling the WIFI connection we have to log in to the admin panel. Thus the process is easy and simple for experts. But as a new router user, it is hard to find out the process. This is good luck that every router uses the default IP address for the admin panel. And most of the router configuration uses as the default IP address.

But the combination of the IP address is made confusion on the user’s mind. And the typing mistake of IP address comes with 192.168.o.1 & 192.168.0.l variation. In this article, we will solve the typing mistake of the router IP address.

Default router IP

An IP address is the road of internet connection. Without any Ip address, we can’t access the internet. And for configuring the router for getting an active WIFI connection, we have to find out the default router IP address. Most routers use as the default IP address. But sometimes users can’t log in to this IP because of silly confusion.

For searching in Google you will find some IP that is common for router logins. Such as,, and And alongside that IPs, some misspelled IPs will popup. And every time ISPs get complaints about these misspelled IPs.

The solution of misspelled IP 192.168.o.1

In the definition of IP one thing is clearly described. The IP is only a unique string of numbers. So, The IP address is only defined with numbers. But 192.168.o.1 is also containing a number and this is not an IP address.

If you type this IP in the address bar then an error will popup. And you can’t get access to your router. 192.168.o.1 this IP is not in the right formation and the right formation is

So, the actual default IP is spelled with 0, not o.

Login with 192.168.o.1/

Before login into the router admin panel, you have to follow some common but important steps. Those steps will give you fresh login without error.

Check the internet connection is active or not. If the connection is dead then your login attempt will not complete. Make sure the Ethernet cable is properly connected with the ONU and the router rare WAN or internet port. This is important to set up the port perfectly.

If you have any confusion and as a first time user you don’t know the default router IP. So you have to find out the default IP. You can find that on the backside of the router. And every router uses some common IP. So you can also search on Google or ask your ISP.

After that, you will need to find out the username and password for login. There are lots of variations of default usernames and passwords. But mostly uses “admin” as their default username and password.

WIFI router configuration is a lot easier than in the past. With simple installation and login, we can modify the WIFI accessibility.  In this article, we enlighten with the common mistake that we made to login to the router admin panel. And the problem is misspelled the original IP to this 192.168.o.1 IP.

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