Softaculous License Installs Hosting Software In Your cPanel Server

Softaculous brings many scripts to install the most popular hosting software in your cPanel server for your business. In addition, though, this automatic web installer also gives encoded apprises through their services. These services support keeping websites protected and adding new software to their scripts archive.

Navicosoft offers reasonable softaculous pricing and policies to its customers. Thus, the experts deliver the best services of softaculous cPanel for better web application programming. In this article, you will learn how this license helps in the installation of hosting software in your cPanel:

How does a softaculous software work with cPanel?

Sometimes, installing software on a server for specific users with the command line is inaccessible. Thus, Softaculous provides a friendly graphical interface with consistent scripts for easy installation. Therefore, with some clicks, while hosting a web, you can let your web hosting clients manage their software and be contingent that it will be kept in progress.

If you improve Softaculous as part of your hosting suites, it will enhance your services without aggregating your budget. Therefore, the softaculous pricing strategy is cost-effective, providing the ease of installing software on their cPanel and WHM servers.


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How does Softaculous software install on cPanel?

You should possess your IonCube Loaders allowable on the WHM on the control panel. So, if you need to Install Softaculous on VPS or a dedicated server with cPanel, you must follow the steps discussed below:

  • Initially, log in to your WHM server.
  • Secondly, access the server configuration.
  • It’s time to get on the nip site
  • Access the PHP tab
  • Choose ioncube for cPanel PHP loader
  • to get on the save button below

it is a simple process to install the hosting software in your cPanel. Though, after completion of installation, you can get the advantages of one tick installer of over 450 scripts. Therefore, Softaculous comprise a considerable similarity with many control panels like cPanel, Plesk, ISP manager, etc.

at first, log in to your server via SSH and operate the consequent commands one by one (wget -N

when you download the installation file, use the consequent commands: (chmod 755 install. sh ./

at last, when the process of installation finishes, then you will see the compliment message that will be visible on your screen. Now, the automatic web installer is visual on the net.

Installation of WordPress using softaculous cPanel:

When you log in to the WHM, you can address the scripts available to your users, but you cannot install other software. So, you have to log in to cPanel as a substitute for WHM to install WordPress using Softaculous. In cPanel, you can search for Softaculous Apps Installer under “software” or look for Softaculous license.

Softaculous is very easy to use. So, it has various layers of settings that can modify according to your requirements, and it allows you to install several software names with one click and some easy steps.

  • Just suspended the mandatory software, i.e. WordPress
  • It will show information about the application
  • Click the install button
  • While clicking the install button, it will take you to various options of the WordPress site. Thus, you can select to click the “quick install” button to use some nonspecific prearranged that can be changed later. Moreover, you can use the options on the screen, comprising site name and base theme, before clicking Install at the bottom.

Characteristics of softaculous cPanel:


Extensive range of apps that provides all demands, such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, PrestaShop & more.

Consistent updates:

Our scripts team drafts for modernization daily and issues the app updates within a day of a statement by the wholesaler.

Programmed update:

it can support Auto Update to update installations as soon as the new version is out.


One-click Backup and Restore permits users to back up their sites.


Google Drive, Dropbox, FTP/FTPS/SFTP locations complete backups.

Instinctive backups:

Users can constitute backup systems at regular intervals daily, weekly, monthly, or even at custom time.


Carbon copy of installation in just a click to create a new site from a current installation.

Active site:

active sites strap the modifications made to the staging illustration. Select to push files/database or both.

Control Panel Incorporation:

Robust incorporation with prevalent control panels cPanel, Directadmin, Plesk, ISPmanager, VestaCP, and more.

One-Click utility:

You can achieve all tasks with just one click. Install, Upgrade, Backup, Restore, Clone, Staging, and more.


Softaculous is accessible in 15+ languages, and the users can install apps in their natural language.

Mass Upgrading Installations:

Admin can sight the list of all outmoded installations on the server and can mass improve them with a click.

API Sustenance:

You can perform all functions available in Softaculous via API to mechanize tasks from an integrated panel.

Wrapping up:

With Navicosoft’s Simple and Easy to Use Interface, users can browse through Softaculous like a piece of cake. However, you can customize the Html supported emails sent to your users for installation, up-gradation, and backups. Therefore, softaculous cPanel delivers wide-ranging workflow papers as a hosting software in your cPanel with new advanced features. Moreover, users and admin can outlook the list of all installations that need separate up-gradation.

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