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Social Champ-A Social Media Management Tool 

Social Champ! Social media management isn’t as easy as it sounds. You have to bring all your creative ideas and brainstorming sessions under one roof to grow your business stronger. 

Social Champ is an all-in-one social media management tool specially designed for result-driven business engagement to reach a massive audience and share quality content. It allows you to schedule your posts on Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. The content composer is crisp and has a clean design. Social Champ also ensures that you engage with your audience by replying to their comments, reviews, and messages from one tab.

Furthermore, it helps you analyze your social media posts with platform-specific metrics with the help of beautiful graphs and charts.  

It consists of next-level features that you would love to use, including the bulk upload, auto RSS, social media calendar, analytics, team collaboration, recycle, and much more.  

Don’t miss out on the essential things; you don’t need to be active on your social accounts post contents daily. Let Social Champ do this for you. Schedule your posts in advance on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google My Business through Social Champ effortlessly. Save your valuable time and extra efforts by switching or toggling your tabs. 

Social Champ is mainly a valuable tool as it permits you to track all the metrics of your different social media profiles, leading to better planning and strategies in months and days to come. 

Social Champ Features 

  • Handle all your social accounts from one dashboard. Create, edit, and schedule posts from one easy-to-use and clean dashboard.
  • Quickly collaborate with team members without sharing credentials by inviting your teammates as editors, authors, and admin using the team collaboration feature.
  • Respond rapidly to the comments and messages, stay up to date with your multiple inboxes with Social Inbox
  • Have an overview of the scheduled posts or even edit or reschedule your posts through the Social Media Calendar
  • You can group your top favorite similar social media profiles to schedule posts; with one click, you can publish multiple posts. 
  • Edit pictures you want to share by adding filters or stickers through Social Champs’ Image editor
  • You can repeat your posts to get more views; your previous posts will be deleted or hidden, saving your previous analytics. You can compare your posts’ by keeping a record of every week or month.
  • Using a CSV file, you can bulk upload and schedule multiple posts at once, including URLs, text, images, and much more. 
  • Repeat or repost countless posts with just one click by either the Social Media Calendar or the content composer. 
  • Create collections of your evergreen content and use them in campaigns later on using the recycle feature. This way, none of your posts go to waste, and you use them to their full potential. 
  • Monitor your social media platforms’ analytics, including likes, clicks, shares, re-shares or retweets, and your overall engagement. You can export them in a PDF file to keep a record. 
  • Analyze your posts’ sentiments by checking your text on the sentiment analysis feature without leaving the content composer. 
  • Share any post or picture you like while surfing the Internet and share it on your social media profiles using our Google Chrome Extension

Key Features Of Social Champ


Social Champ has made your work easier. Publish your content on your social media platforms through Social Champs’ publish feature; add emojis, images, and trending hashtags to get your posts featured on the top trending content. 

You can queue your posts and edit or reschedule your post timings. Use a CSV file to upload plenty of posts on your social media profiles using the bulk upload feature.


Check the analytics of your posts. You can get an overview of your posts, tweets, retweets, likes, and clicks in a graph. Compare your analytics from week to week and month to month. Know where your content needs improvements, and work hard on those weak points. Keep track of your competitors and know what strategies are working for them. 

You can even know what your audience is preferring through their engagement on your posts. Save the analytics in a PDF file to keep a record with yourself, and enjoy our analytics feature to the fullest!

Keep an eye on your social media posts’ progress. Trail all your activities and engagements on your posts.


It may get hard to stay active on social media platforms and look after your social media profiles 24/7. From managing your clients’ queries to replying to them at the same time is tiresome.

Here’s how Social Champ helps you stay consistent with your social media platforms – simply schedule your posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest through Social Champ. It will save your time, and you don’t need to put extra effort into switching tabs. It will give you ample time to focus on more critical tasks.

Schedule your posts to avoid missing out on anything, especially when you have so much on your business plate.


Repeat your posts on your desired social media platforms and see the magic of how effectively you gain views. 

Now you don’t need to post manually. And once you are repeating your post through Social Champ, your chances of getting higher engagement will be increased.

Social Media Calendar 

Social media calendar is one of the best features. Get rid of toggling and manage all your social accounts under one roof. View all your scheduled posts through our all-in-one calendar. There is no need to change tabs to track how many posts you have uploaded; instead, just drag posts in our calendar feature and edit or reschedule your posts with absolutely no trouble.

You can schedule your posts using the all-in-one calendar. Adjust your posts using the Queue last and Queue next feature. Do more in less time with a social media calendar. 

Auto RSS

Here comes the most used feature of Social Champ. Give freedom to all the websites, connect your favorite websites to your social media handles. All you need is to add the Auto RSS link of any website, add title, and there you go. Sit back and relax and leave the rest on Social Champ. Your latest and trending content will be posted on your desired social media accounts. No need to pay extra for an RSS feed reader when your hands are right over Social Champ.

Why Social Champ? 

Look what the CEO of Social Champ has to say about how it started:

“It all started with a need, a birthday gift, followed by a bucket full of motivation. Every past failure is linked, the lessons learned are well revised, and the dots all connected.”

– Sameer Ahmed Khan.

Ease your social media presence in various multipurpose ways and save your valuable time. Effectively engage your audience by staying in trend using trendy hashtags and mentions customized by the Social Champ.

Social Champ is a pocket-friendly tool starting from $9. You can also get a seven-day’s free trial. 

Perks Of Using Social Champ

  • Compose your posts before the time
  • Track the analytics of your posts 
  • Repeat your contents to get high engagement 
  • Post tons of content with just a single feature 
  • Schedule your posts and never miss an important event 
  • Craft, publish and schedule your content within a few clicks
  • Never stay behind. Get robust and trendy topics with content suggestions
  • Don’t let your inbox be flooded with messages
  •  Automate your social profile

Pricing plans

Social Champ offers you four plans: Professional Plan, Champion, Business, and Agency. 

  • Professional plan ($10/month)
  • Champion plan  ($29/month)
  • Business ($99/month)
  • Agency ($199/month)

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