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Save Money And Refill Ink By Yourself – Learn How To Refill Printer Ink?

The specific refill kit is needed to refill printer ink. The task can be messy, and for safe refilling, read here how to refill printer ink. Your printer’s manufacturer will also advise you to replace the old ink cartridge with a new one or refill it from the stores.

It is because sometimes a new set of ink cartridges is more expensive than your inkjet printer, and your manufacturer will earn a huge amount of profit by selling it. But only you can understand the value of your earned money. Hence the task is risky, but still, if you have followed the proper instructions and precautions, then you can save your money. Ink refilling tasks are risky, but at the same time, it is easy too.

You will just need a refill kit, which includes a syringe, new ink bottles, and sometimes it also holds rubber gloves. Some of the refill kits are capable of working with all the models of inkjets, but it is good to buy the specific kit according to your printer’s model.

If you have arranged the kit, then get ready to refill the ink cartridge by reading this brief guide for how to refill printer ink. Each step is as important as others, so avoid skipping any of the below-outlined steps.

Where to start refilling the ink cartridge?

First of all, you will have to prepare a workspace for this task. It means you will have to choose a flat surface and lay down a newspaper or paper towel on it. As we said earlier, the ink refilling task is messy, so first put on the gloves and then place the refill kit on the paper towel. Now, after this follow the below-listed process:

Remove the empty cartridge:

You will need to take out the blank ink cartridge to refill it. For this, you may need to read the user manual guide to know the exact location and procedure to remove the cartridge. A little mistake can cause damage, so it is good to keep precautions. You will need to turn on the machine to let the cartridge park at the accessible location from where you can easily remove it.

Place the cartridge on a flat surface:

As the second step of the process, you will need to place the empty cartridge onto your workspace where you have placed the refill kit. We are mentioning again that we do not avoid using the paper towel and place all the equipment on it.
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Read instructions of refill kit:

It is good to have a look at the information manual of the refill kit once. Maybe it is different from this article because the specific tools are needed to be used properly, as advised by the manufacturer.

Locate the hole on the cartridge:

The next step is to find the ink refill hole of the ink cartridge. In some models, the holes are covered with a seal, and you have to peel back the label or seal to find the refill holes. On the other hand, many of the ink cartridges use a twist-off cap to hide the refill holes. If your printer model uses a single cartridge for multiple colors, then there will be more than one hole.

Puncture the cartridge to make hole:

If there is no refilling hole on the ink cartridge, then you will need to make it by yourself in other terms of how to refill printer ink. For this task, you can use a pen, toothpick, screwdriver, or a specific tool or drill that comes with the refill kit. You will need to pierce the plastic of the top side of the cartridge with a piercing tool.

If the cartridge holds multiple colors in one unit, then you will have to create one hole for each color. It is good to read the instructions of piercing from the manual guide, and it comes with a refill kit.

Fill ink in the syringe:

Insert the needle end of the syringe into the new ink bottles and accurately press the plunger. Now slowly pull the plunger of the syringe away to let the ink fill in its chamber.

Refill ink cartridge:

Now take out the syringe from the new ink bottles and insert the long needle end into the refill hole of the cartridge. It will need to let the syringe touch the spongy bottom. Once you have fueled that the syringe has touched the bottom, you can now push the plunger gently to let the ink refill into the cartridge. Do not apply too much force to push the plunger, because it may cause air bubbles which will break the cartridge.

Do the same for each color:

You have to repeat the process to refill each color of the cartridge. Make sure that you are using a different syringe to refill multiple colors to avoid color mixing. Once the ink starts oozing out from the tank, you have to stop the refilling. It is because it means the tank has filled, and if you add more ink, then it will come out of the tank and cause wastage of ink. After the refilling process, you will need a paper towel to clean the area around the hole.

Seal the hole:

Once you have successfully refilled all the color of the ink cartridge, now you have to cover the fill hole. If you have located the hole by peeling back the plastic cover or label of the cartridge, then stick it to seal the fill hole. If you have created the hole by yourself, then cover it by using a clean tape.

Place the cartridge at its right place:
You have almost completed the process of how to refill printer ink. As the last step of the process, you have to reinsert the cartridge at its right place by following the accurate way.

Final lines!

Save your money by refilling the ink cartridge with your own hands instead of purchasing or refilling it from any computer store. We have made your task easier as if you will follow the steps of this article; then, you can safely refill the printer ink.

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