Salesforce Pardot: A platform To Automate Your Marketing Engagement

For Salesforce users searching for a B2B Engagement Marketing automation platform, the go-to option is Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (formerly Pardot). In addition to being deeply integrated into Salesforce’s core objects, Pardot’s affordable pricing point makes it available to a wide range of businesses, and its ease of use and short learning curve attract new users.

What is Salesforce Pardot, and Why do people use Pardot?

Pardot/MCAE can be utilized for some of the following, depending on the sort of business:

  • Email marketing includes automated email campaigns and one-off emails to databases of prospects. Email automation can be built around particular processes, events, or “wait” times. This works very well for nurturing leads.
  • Forms: collect data from new prospects or enhance current prospect records.
  • Engagement History: Keep track of any interactions prospects have with your online resources (website, landing pages, etc).

For more precise marketing, segmentation offers a number of ways to divide the audiences in your prospect database.

Prospects are scored depending on their engagement level. Prospects should be graded according to how closely their data matches your desired client profile.

  • Lead qualification: Using the Pardot score and grade together, your sales team can determine which prospects to target.
  • Social media marketing: track post engagement after posting to LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. This activity will follow the prospect engagement history across various social media in Pardot each time they visit your website or social media page.
  • Search engine optimization: track rival SEO performance, analyze keyword SEO data, and add keywords to track.

Report on campaign performance and marketing-influenced pipeline using marketing data (with Campaign Influence).

Relationship between Pardot and Salesforce

The focal point for all customer interactions is Salesforce. In order to create a single, comprehensive perspective of what’s happening, this means that in addition to the majority of sales and service interactions taking place in Salesforce, infrastructures also feed content into Salesforce. One of the best Salesforce implementation partners is Kasmo.

An add-on to Salesforce’s main platform, Pardot is a marketing automation program. This product serves as a go-between for your Salesforce CRM and unidentified visitors (who have been logged in and turned into recognized prospects). You could say that Pardot guards your CRM against potential customers who aren’t displaying any signs of being “ready to buy.”

By acting as a middleman, marketing automation enables marketers to follow prospects as they transform from unknown visitors into known prospects through form submissions, nurture them with email and subject matter offers, qualify them as sales-ready using lead classifications and scoring, and then hand them off to sales as marketing qualified leads.

By outsourcing many of these encounters, marketing automation affects every stage of the funnel and saves marketers time and labor. Sales gains from receiving more qualified leads from marketing, and contingent on how the marketing automation platform is integrated with Salesforce, sales may also gain access to more information about a lead or contact, such as their score and grade, contender activity, affiliation in marketing lists, and social media data.

Although Pardot has a limited number of native integrations, it does have certain connectors. Extensions for marketing apps were added to serve up integration activity statistics. In such cases, the Salesforce implementation consultant will help you by implementing the product as per your business needs.

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