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Phone Master! Unlike iPhone, Older Android phones have a tendency to slow down their performance. Even one or two years old Android phones hang up for no reason. Most of the time it is due to the heavy installation of free Android apps and games. Many Android users do not know how to uninstall unwanted applications. Many unwanted applications run in the background without knowing.

Some of the above factors cause those devices to slow down. Is there any solution for that? Manually cleaning them is not feasible. Because if you know how to manually clean them, you won’t be here reading this article. The best solution is to use an automated Android application that does this task for you like Clean Master.

Phone Master is one of the popular and best tools available for cleaning Android phones to give more performance increases. This app can clean all duplicate files, residue files of unused and uninstalled apps, and games. By cleaning those unused files will free up your storage space. So, you can install new apps, take new pictures and videos freely.

The phone Master app is not just phone cleaner. It has many more features and functions that you are looking for. For example, if your kids and others use your phone, then how could you hide or password-protect your private photos, videos, and apps. You can lock apps, games, pictures, videos, and files easily using this app. It is completely free to use. You can also use CCleaner for cleaning your operating system to  know in detail is ccleaner safe a complete review. Moreover guess what i have found something exciting by using CCleaner coupon code you can get many exclusive discount offer on your purchase.

Features of Phone Master

Increase Phone Speed – Many phones slow down due to the increased number of installed apps and tools. Many of those apps start to run in the background to push notifications, keep them updated, and many more. With time you may forget about those apps and tools you installed. This app helps you to remove and block all unwanted apps and games that run in the background. By doing so, it will reduce CPU workload and free RAM space. Those two things cause a sudden increase in phone speed.

Junk Cleaner – We always want more space. Because when you want to take pictures, videos and to install a game there is no much space left. Many of your phone storage is full of junk files. How those junk files get collected. There are many reasons for that. Residue files from uninstalled apps and games, Cache files, duplicate images and videos, and many more. You can install this cleaning tool on your Android TV devices using Filelinked too.

Battery Saver – How could this app save your battery life. This app can monitor apps that drain battery power while not in use. Hibernating those apps helps to save battery power. Reducing the CPU workload by disabling unwanted background apps will also reduce the power drain from the battery.

Above mentioned only a few features that this app can do. You can directly download this app from Play Store for free. If you do not have play store services, you can use any other third-party application like AC Market or Aptoide. AC Market is like a play store. Where you can download Android apps and games. For awesome apps and games visit

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