OSRS – Vorkath Melee Guide

OSRS! Here is how you can defeat Vorkath using avoid melee strategy to take the boss down.

Have you been wanting to know how to take out Vorkath? Here is what you need to know.

If you have been trying to find ways in which you can earn OSRS gold and take down a deadly boss in the process, then you will want to get head-to-head with Vorkath. But before we look into how we can defeat it, firstly we will take a look at what you need to know beforehand.

About Vorkath

The Vorkath boss battle during Dragon Slayer 2. Once you finish the quest, you can go back to Ungael to take on a stronger version of Vorkath. The quick kills and ways in which you can travel and bank means that this boss is a great alternative to having to find OSRS gold for sale. With these traits in mind, it is a very useful boss for farming.

Vorkath is able to be assigned from slayer masters, under the format of a boss task. The boss itself is classed as a blue dragon, so you can kill it whilst you are on a blue dragon task whilst having a slayer helm so that you get the accuracy and damage bonuses. If you haven’t gotten to a point where you have the Vorkath slayer task or for blue dragons, then you can opt for a salve amulet to get the damage and accuracy bonuses. When used with Void, you will find that it is a great way of paving the way to victory. You should try and get a slayer helm or a salve amulet though to make the most of your methods.

Void Melee Method

The Void melee method for Vorkath works with the Dragon Hunter Lance since Vorkath is vulnerable to stab. Combining this with the Dragonfire Shield so that you are well protected from the Vorkath dragon breath, then you will be a force to be reckoned with. That being said, you if combine a Protect from Magic prayer and a super antifire then you will be able to protect yourself just as well. This latter method also means that you will also be able to increase your DPS and have a defender in your off-hand.

If you are going to use the Void melee method, then you will need to make sure that you are using a dragon Warhammer or Bandos godsword, since they can help lower the boss’ defenses. Not having them is something you should strongly avoid since you are going to end up spending far too much time getting the kills otherwise. This would then of course make it a less than useful boss to be farmed.

One trick to keep in mind however is that if you were to use a restoration pool within your house between each of the Vorkath OSRS kills will mean that each fight will help you to have 100% special attack energy, so it’s something to keep in mind.

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What Gear to Use

If you are still sticking with this method, then there are a few gear options to keep in mind. Firstly, for your help you will want to get the Void melee helm. Next, as mentioned earlier we will be using the Dragon Hunter lance to make the most of the battle. If you have the Infernal cape, salve amulet, and unholy blessing, then these will all be very effective for this fight. If you have been following this method and you have the chance to have a defender free, then the avionics defender is what you should go for.

There are a couple of elite void items to get to, with the elite void top and elite void robe. To complete the set, pick up the void knight gloves, primordial boots, and berserker ring. By having these OSRS items on your person, you stand a great chance of making the most of this as a profitable farming boss if you want to take a break from having to buy OSRS gold.

Finally, as far as the equipment that you take with you into battle is concerned, you should fill up your pouch with runes. Specifically, having dust, law, and chaos runes will give you a couple of very useful abilities in the form of ‘teleport to house’ and ‘crumble undead’.

So, if you want a reliable method that can see you racking up boss kills, then the Void melee method can be very effective. With the drops racking up the OSRS GP, you should definitely dive into this technique if you want to avoid having to find someone to sell OSRS gold.

Have you tried this OSRS boss method? Let us know in the comments section below!

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