Notion vs. ClickUp vs. Nifty Comparison (The Better All-In-One PM Tool)

Nifty is a project management tool used to plan, organize, and track your daily workflow. Manage your workflow with an Overview of assigned tasks to team members. Collaborate with your team and project stakeholders on the same workspace with direct messages, group conversations, multiple discussions, share files to stay updated.

Create Roadmaps for a visual representation of project milestones and scheduled dates for completing the projects on assigned time—the software support Windows, Mac, Mobile Android, and iOS.

What makes Nifty the better then Notion and ClickUp

It gives tasks and landmark automation to help users envision their work in a way that would otherwise require them hours to make, manage, and upgrade. Nifty enables users to flip their job lists into landmarks to automate project milestones advancement with visual overviews as jobs are completed.

Furthermore, users may be delegated to job lists so that every task generated within a plan may be auto-assigned to the consumer to enable and automate staff workflows. With built-in Kanban, table-list, swimlane, and timeline views, Nifty supplies a birds-eye summary of your job to keep the whole team balanced and coordinated.

Additionally, threaded messaging capabilities, interconnected shortcuts like the choice to drop activity ids to talks for quick-views, ability to make docs from project talks, and auto-invite all members for cooperation — are a few cherished productivity-boosting features of Nifty. Then, there is”My Jobs,” which effectively empowers users to cherry-pick their private tasks across all of their jobs quickly and economically.

Nifty also provides native Google Docs integration, which allows you to produce docs, spreadsheets, and presentations inside the Nifty program while having them saved on your Google Drive to maintain your files held with your endeavors for more organized and relevant mention.


ClickUp is a simple, cloud-based collaboration and project management tool created for all user types. With ClickUp, you have all the features needed to help simplify and streamline your processes, including sales, marketing, design, and development. ClickUp features an agile board view that allows you to monitor every task on your team in one board and assign tasks to various members of the group.

Tasks’ progress can be viewed in the form of percentage and can be marked either “resolved” or “in progress,” or users can alternatively customize their task progress statuses. A Gantt chart lets you view your tasks in a timeline by list or person and automatically add updates in real-time. ClickUp organizes task management in a hierarchal manner and allows you to sort tasks according to their priority check the Powerful ClickUp alternative tool.

This property allows for improved productivity and lets you structure your projects by assigning tasks to groups and arranging those groups under different categories. The software can be seamlessly integrated to Slack and similar apps through Zapier. The machine learning capability of the software assists project managers give realistic timeframes for completion of projects, and lets teams accomplish their tasks before the deadline.


The Notion is an all-round workspace where it is possible to compose, strategy, and collaborate. Unlike conventional tools for job management, Notion includes a contemporary sense both in its features and looks. It’s being utilized to plan and talk about jobs, communicate with clients and teams, and keep track of all of the important stuff.

Notion maintains records of what and captures exceptional workflow in the finest way possible. Characteristics: Outline Thoughts and rearrange them whatsoever Syncs across different apparatus and collaborators in real-time works from the browser and runs offline using the Mac, Windows, and also cellular program.

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