Must-Ask Questions Before You Hire A Car In Kenya

Picking up a car hire may be a daunting task; it may not be as easy as just paying and picking the key. You need to scrutinize the vehicle and get answers to some questions before entering into any contract.

People travel by car every day when going to work, home, or even on holidays and road trips. You can either use public transport, which is common in Kenya or private means. Private transportation is convenient and comfortable. 

People who do not own personal cars sometimes have to hire to enjoy the benefits of being in a private vehicle. Besides that, sometimes you might be going to a place where public transports do not reach, and so you are left with no other option but to rent an automobile.

Below are questions that you need to ask before hiring a car:

Do You Have an Insurance Policy for this Car? 

You could be the most careful driver on earth, but car accidents happen in a matter of seconds, catching you off guard.  This shows you the importance of a car Insurance policy. It acts as financial protection if the car has an accident. 

When hiring a car, especially when it’s for self-drive, do not forget to ask for the insurance policy details. Remember, if you caused an accident with a hired car that has no insurance, then you as the driver will cover the repair costs. 

You will also be in trouble because Kenya road safety laws require a car to have insurance. Just to be particular on the details of the insurance policy, you need to ask the owner. 

The first and most important thing is to ask how much the insurance policy covers and whether it’s full or partial. If it’s partial, then ask up to what level you have to chip in with your own money. 

Find out what other insurance options you have; you might find that the company has insured so little, so you decide to take up one or more other policies to cover you for the time you will be using the car.

That would help you choose the best deal because it would be unfortunate to cause an accident with a hired car and cover the repair cost while you do not have your vehicle. For your information, car spare parts are costly. It would financially wreck you. 

What Cars Do You Have for Hire?

Car hire companies have a variety of cars. They understand the needs of their potential clients. From small, sassy, and classy vehicles, such as Toyota Vitz and Toyota Axio, to big models such as Honda CR-V and Toyota Fortuner, you are presented with a variety that leaves you lost of choice. 

You must consider several things when choosing the type of car to hire, like the number of passengers, the purpose, and the budget. From the wide range, you cannot lack a vehicle that will suit your needs. 

One thing that confuses first-timers when hiring a car is identifying the suitable one for their particular need. Before going to the transportation company to hire an automobile, it’s advisable to do research. If you fail to, you might get confused by the many cars you find displayed for hire.

What are the Rules?

Nowadays, young people go on road trips a lot; some have their cars while others do not use rented vehicles. Going for a road trip on a hilly road while watching the mountain landscape sounds like a fabulous and fun experience, but it could get you into trouble with a hired car. So always ask for the rules before hiring a car.

Most, if not all, transport companies have rules laid down for their cars for hire. Individuals who rent out their vehicles might not have laid down rules; however, they have likes and dislikes about their vehicles.

Before you hire a car, it’s good to ask for the rules to not take the car to places it should not or use it for a purpose the owner does not want.

What Does the Price Quoted Include, and are there Additional Charges?

All Kenyans are very keen when it comes to money matters, and they also love bargaining. So even in this case of hiring a car, I am sure they will be inquisitive on; why the price and not an amount lower, if the cost can be bargained or fixed,  if they can get a similar car but with a lower price, and many more other questions running through their mind.

You should not let these questions disturb you; just ask before you hire. Apart from those kinds of questions, there are other price-related questions that you might forget, yet they are vital such as, are there additional charges? Some companies have extra charges when you break their rules, like when you come in late, exceed the mileage limit when you return the car with no fuel, or dirty, among other reasons. 

Do not forget to ask for the outlines of the price quoted. It helps you get to know what package you get. The company offers the car only, while other companies have their drivers and other goodies such as; newspapers, water, etc. It is important to note that the prices also vary depending on the car model. For instance, the luxurious Mercedes-Benz G Class would be more expensive compared to the smaller and affordable cars such as the Toyota Vitz or a Toyota Axio.

What Happens if the Car Develops a Mechanical Problem?

You do not wish for the car to develop any problem, but what happens if it does? It’s good to ask about the options available so that you can be prepared in advance. 

Some car renting companies offer mechanics and rescue services while others do not. In some cases, the vehicle could get a problem that might take longer to repair, then what happens? Will they give you another car or not, because you need to carry on with your business.

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