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What Does Maskfishing Mean? Trending Illusion of 2022

The corona Pandemic has affected the whole world. All the industries and fields of life are affected by Corona Virus. Although, the current situation is far better than the previous situation (when the virus came) but, we can still see many changes in the whole world that the pandemic has made.

One of the most exciting changes is maskfishing. This term is derived from catfishing which is the act of creating or using a fake identity or showing others images on your social profiles. In Maskfishing, we see the unexpected look of a person.

What does Maskfishing Mean?

Maskfishing is a new trend that came into existence after the pandemic. As we know, everyone was using Covid Masks to stay away from the virus. But, the mask was giving another benefit to some people.

Maskfishing happens when someone looks more attractive by wearing a mask than without a face mask.  In other words, we can say that mask fishing is the act of getting unreal or fake beauty by wearing a face mask which they don’t have without a face mask.

Usually, mask fishing is not an intentional act but after the pandemic, some people (who look less beautiful without a face mask) started using a face mask to get unreal beauty or, we can also say that, to hide their original look.

Maskfishing is a very discussing topic nowadays and also a big problem on social media because when a boy and grim meet each other on social media platform with a face mask, they look beautiful but when they meet in real life without face masks then they came to know what the hell is actually my partner!

Maskfishing Examples:

It is better to see some examples to understand any fact. In the case of Maskfishing, the examples play a great role in understanding this trend and being entertained with mask fishing examples.

The below video is a great example of mask fishing in which a girl looks beautiful with a face mask but when we see her without a face mask then OMG!


i like no one knowing what i look like at school it’s like a game #foryou #maskfishing #fyp

♬ оригинальный звук – Valerie

Here is another video of a girl who shows how she finally get rid of a guy who had a crush on her when she meet him without a face mask:


I never take my mask off #maskfishing

♬ оригинальный звук – edit.frka

Here is another example of maskfishing:


i need the mf truth am i maskfishing #fyp #maskfishing

♬ original sound – Alyssa:)

Am I maskfishing?

Am I maskfishing

Most people ask am I maskfishing on social media from their followers. Many people wear masks to hide acne and pimples on their faces and to look beautiful. Their face mask helps them to cover their half face which actually looks ugly.

So, if you are hiding your real look and making people fool of your beauty then the answer to this question, “am I maskfishing”, is yes!

I hope you have understood how to know if you are mask fishing.

How to stop mask fishing?

It somehow looks unusual question. You are the person who is doing maskfishing and you can only stop mask fishing. Don’t be worried about your real look. Just keep in mind, that nobody is perfect. If you see someone who is more beautiful than you, then you have something better than him/her that she/he doesn’t have.

What I am saying is that some people have a pretty face bu,t not a pretty heart. Some people have a cool face but not a cool mindset.

If you don’t look beautiful then don’t be worried. Find a talent or any specification which makes you different from other people. I hope you have understood how to stop maskfishing.

Stop caring about what people think. Hiding your real identity will be harmful to you in the future because it can generate inferiority. Be real, Be Confident!

I hope you have understood what does maskfishing mean, am maskfishing, how to stop mask fishing. For more interesting content, visit Techniexpert.

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