Mark Roemer Oakland Shares How To Pick The Best Furniture To Transform Your Office


When shopping for furniture, people generally prioritize cost and aesthetics. While these may be good factors to choose furniture for the home, according to Mark Roemer Oakland, the best office furniture is not only comfortable but also improve workplace productivity by helping employees to be more efficient. Thus, it is best to choose ergonomic furniture for office use that provides a good balance between mobility, modularity, and comfort.

Tips & Tricks

Here are a few tips you may follow to choose the best office furniture to transform your office:

  1. The primary workspace – Measure the total area of the space where the employees would be working to calculate the cost and quality of furniture needed to fill it. You also need to consider the needs of your employees to provide them a more productive environment to work in. For instance, it may be necessary to separate the work area with front or side panels to ensure privacy. A modular workstation works great in such cases.

The office chairs should be easily height-adjustable and have a comfortable backrest to ensure comfort even during long working hours. A separate mobile pedestal unit for each employee would allow them to store files separately and make it easy to retrieve it late, improving the efficiency.

  1. The reception room – The reception room should be decorated to make the best first impression and captivate visitors. The reception table should be designed in accordance with the company value and culture to maintain the consistency of the brand image. It should also be aesthetic as well as function with ample space around it for easy movement. There should be comfortable chairs to supplement it too.
  2. The conference room – It is important to set up the conference or meeting room for important discussions with clients and employees.

A modern conference room should have a modular meeting table and supplement with enough chairs to accommodate all the important employees during conferences and meetings. It is important to capture the correct vibe with the design that not only looks professional but also complements the layout of the room.

  1. The storage room – The storage room should be large and functional to store all the important files and documents and also allows for easy retrieval when needed. Thus, it should be filled with storage units and shelves that can be arranged in a clutter-free manner. This helps to save space and make the room more organized.


While shopping for furniture for office use, it is crucial to maintain a balance between cost, functionality, and style. It is also important to consider the total area of your office when shopping for furniture. A cramped space not only looks ugly but also restricts movement and reduces the overall efficiency of the employees.

Mark Roemer Oakland suggests you consider the aesthetic value and brand identity of your company to create a more holistic workspace.

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