Laser Marking: An Effective Technique To Mark Surfaces

What Laser Marking is all About?

Foremost, let’s see how laser marking works. Laser marking is a specific kind of marking technique that provides comparable outcomes when contrasted to conventional etching techniques but externally the application of inks that is contacted much with the surfaces.

Laser carving is much appreciated concerning its companion technicality referred to as laser marking and etching. In laser marking technique, a low energized beam of the laser is sophistically launched on the end material and its projection and power are controlled by a special type of machinery and laser marker software are also used by the operator to operate the machinery, so it defines a special type of identification over the material.

While the laser is projected slowly across the material and is enough energized so to mark lasting markings without harming the material surface while it might a little discoloured from the surface featuring an emboss technique to mark Laser marking is normally related to the term dark engravings which majorly focuses on the surface unchanged by the intense marking and doesn’t lose its strength.

As there is no advantage of laser marking if it weakens the material. Depending on the thickness of the surface the engravings level can be adjusted on the user requirements. Laser Marker machinery must be optimized to featured perfect marking, one example of this type of laser marking system can be found on LASIT, a corporation of Laser Marking Innovation.


Laser marking can be said as compatible with a large variety of elements depending on the specific designed machinery and type of laser beam, whether it is CO2 low powered or fibre laser of Higher-powered beam, it can be used over wood, steel, plastic, and aluminium surfaces. The laser marker is exceptionally beneficial for marking components that are required to large levels of impairment throughout their serviceable life, while the extensive invasion of the laser beams in the marking process ensures the immutability of markings.

Laser etching is also one of the applications of marking systems, laser marker can be used over a range of materials, especially used to the melt-down thousandth of inches of the metal surface when needed. For this purpose, CNC machines are used.

While the software uses the graphical files from the specific graphic editing software and converts it into an effective pattern so to engrave on the material surface.

Uses Of Laser Marking

Laser marking is widely used to engrave material surfaces, like wafers and other metals. The focused beam as discussed above aka Laser is focused over the surface then moved b the Laser Marker to mark a specific pattern. Laser Marking is pointed and accurate. For correctness and permanency, Laser Marking is always used as an optimal choice for marking the IDs and identities of the components manufactured by the company. Also, it is easy-to-scan on various surfaces.

Laser marking is further applied to support traceability, process enhancement, and quality check in wafers. Laser Markersprovides wafer companies to use bar-codes identifications to scan serials in every level of the invention chain. Laser Marker supports track blocks from starting to finish. Additionally, it enables data so to be saved for quality restraint and process optimization objectives.

What are some Advantages of Laser Marking?

Manufacturers can profit from the laser marker in various ways. From traceability and branding to tracking, this approach does it alone. Moreover, it also offers high-quality, permanent marks that are straightforward to interpret every material.

  • Generates less scrap and has decreased downtime.
  • It has a more comprehensive operational capability because it’s very handy.
  • It lessens mark and copying issues, which are extremely expensive.
  • Promised to industry constraints.
  • Widely Used in Traceability.
  • Uniquely Identify a component.

Where to Find Laser Marking Services?

Laser marking represents an essential role in component manufacturing. Additionally, it provides traceability and opens new ways for further clear process development and quality assurance. In the components manufacturing industry, LASIT is known to be one of the most-rated company to provide Laser Marking Services and for building award-winning and effective Laser Markers.

From simple components to the precise small parts like the watch counterparts, Laser marking can mark all components when operated by an expert Laser maker like at LASIT.

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