Know The Step By Step Process To Lodge Student Visa 500

Lodge Student Visa 500

Australia is one of the most sought-after destinations for pursuing higher studies. Studying in Australia provides you with a scope to be a neighborhood of a well-organized education system. To study in Australia for an extended period of your time, you would like to use an Australian Student Visa 500 before you began.

Who is eligible?

If you’re 18 years aged and above, you’ll certainly apply for the Australian student visa 500. Besides the age criteria, you would like to supply all required documents to the Department of Home Affairs, Australia. This includes proof of enrolment in an Australian university, health and character records, affordability, and evidence of English proficiency. Here is a step-by-step guide about how you go about the visa application process.

1. Obtain COE

Before you apply for a student visa in Australia you’re required to get a (COE) Confirmation of Enrolment or a Letter of Offer. This acts as evidence of the intended study. It is a symbol of acceptance in an Australian University in which the course is registered under (CRICOS) Commonwealth Register of Institutions of Courses.

The COE happens to be within the sort of web code. You will have to enter this code when you apply for the visa online in the appropriate section.

3. GTE statement

The Genuine Temporary Entrant was introduced by the government in November 2011. It is a press release that says you’ve got a real intention to remain temporarily and study in Australia. In other words, it makes sure that you simply are applying the student Visa 500 for a real cause.

The GTE statement should contain the maximum amount of information and evidence as possible about you. This will provide the officer to process your visa, a holistic view of you. The Home Affairs department in Australia considers factors like:

  • Reasons for studying in Australia rather than your own country
  • How it will help you in the future
  • Previous study
  • Any gap in the previous study
  • Current employment

You may be asked to attend an interview at the Australian embassy or consulate to seek out whether you fulfill the GTE requirement.

3. Proof Of Health Insurance

Students except for countries like Belgium and Norway, the applicants must get Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). It provides you a medical and hospital coverage till your student visa expires. When you apply for a visa you would like to say the name of your insurance provider alongside its starting date.

Those who wish to get trained as a doctor, dentist, or nurse may need to choose a medical or radiological check-up so as to prove that they’re in good health. However, the doctor conducting the tests must be approved by the Australian Immigration department.

4. Proof of English proficiency

When you visit Australia on a student visa 500 you’ll get to prove your English skills. To get a student visa to confirm you obtain a minimum English test score in IELTS, TOEFL iBT, PTE, or CAE alongside documentary evidence. One who is a citizen of an English-speaking country or has completed at least five years of study in an English-speaking country is exempted.

5. Proof Of Financial Capacity

You must have the financial capacity to touch the traveling expenses, living costs, and course fees for 12 months. You need to supply documentary evidence to prove that you simply have sufficient funds in touch with the expenses. The cost of living in Australia is expected to be around $20,290 AUD or $15,330 USD a year excluding travel and course fees. You can also prove that a family member of yours with an annual income of at least $60,000 AUD or $40,660 USD is ready to support you. The evidence is to be attached together with your student visa application.

If you would like any help during this regard, you’ll seek assistance from Migration agent Adelaide as they need a team of expert migration agents and consultants. They help applicants with various sorts of visas and are registered under MARA. They have the specified knowledge and skills with a superb grip on all subclasses of visas.

The Immigration Agent Adelaide features a thorough understanding of the complex visa application process. With their support, your visa will get processed quickly and simply. Since they are available 24*7, you can get in touch with them if you have any queries regarding the visa application. So, now you’ll study in Australia and have a dream career ahead.

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