Junior ADU Requirements

Building a Junior ADU can be a great opportunity for many homeowners. With the extra living space and possible rental income opportunities, there is a lot to benefit from building one. However, it is important that you know the basic junior ADU requirements.

Must Haves In JADUs

When developing a JADU, there are a few things you must include in your design.

For starters, the JADU must be at least 150 sq. ft. and at most, 500 sq. ft. and attached to the primary home. The JADU or the primary home must be owner-occupied. Therefore, you can’t rent out your home and your JADU at the same time.

The JADU must have its own entrance/exit to the outdoors. It can have an entrance to the primary home. Also, the unit must contain an efficiency kitchen. It cannot have any other type of kitchen.

Can Haves For JADUs

A JADU can be built on the same property as an ADU. This is a great opportunity for people looking to make a lot of extra rental income. They would be able to rent out two additional units on their single-family residency.

JADUs can share a bathroom with the main home. This can be a great cost saver, but also a drawback in that now you have to share your bathroom with your tenants. Due to this, many people opt to just install the bathroom in the JADU.

JADUs can have their own parking, but it is not required. This can also be a huge money saver for people who don’t want to have to pave a larger driveway.

Is A JADU Right For You?

JADUs differ from ADUs in very slight ways. The main way is that they are much smaller, have to be attached, and don’t require a bathroom. A JADU might be right for you if you are looking to add just a small unit to your home or have a room that you don’t use often that already has an exit to the outdoors.

A JADU might not be for you if you crave privacy since most have shared bathrooms and an entrance to the primary home.

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