What To Do If USB Stick Is Not Recognized

USB Stick Not Recognized

USB stick is not recognized is a common problem reported by many users, can be caused due to several reasons, your windows may be missing important updates, hardware or software issues, etc.


Universal Serial Bus, a removable, rewritable data storage device that is used for connections, communications, and power supply between computers. It includes flash memory within an integrated USB interface.


Step 1: Connect a USB device to the USB port of your PC.

Step 2: Click view in device manager, then click device by connection.

Step 3: Now you can easily see the USB mass storage device under intel.


The first fall you have to check for the reasons why it’s not recognized

  •      USB ports not working
  •      Device drivers not updated
  •      Power management settings changed
  •      Hardware damaged

These all can be the reasons why windows did not detect your flash drive. kaspersky vs avast


If your USB derive is not working on another system try to use the flash drive on a different USB port or a different system and also use it on a different device like with a phone using OTG cable.

If that drive gets recognized on another device but not one device then the USB port should be checked by a technician and also should be checked in Disk management.


To check in Disk management

Step 1: Press the Start button, Go to This PC, and choose to manage.

Step 2: Go to Disk Management

Step 3: USB Flash drive will appear in one of the following situations:

  •      USB showing as RAW
  •      USB showing as an Unallocated space
  •      USB showing without a drive letter
  •      USB not showing up

After recognizing the situation the corresponding solution can now be applied to fix the USB Drive. If there is no above scenario then you can apply a few tips given below.


Your computer’s windows do not recognize USB if the device drivers are outdated.

  •      GO to settings and click update ad security
  •      Click the check for update button

This will update your device driver and fix the USB issue.


  •      Go to control panel
  •      Click on the system and security
  •      Select check for updates
  •      Windows will be updated
  •      Restart the system and connect the flash drive.

Hopefully, Windows will now recognize your USB drive.

After applying all the given procedures if still, your USB is not recognized then you can recover your data from the inaccessible device by using a simpler yet easier software, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free

So when you are done checking your USB status in Disk Management and Fixing related errors on the drive, you can now follow a few steps to get back your precious data from your unrecognized drive.

Recover data from unallocated space with EaseUS and then create a new volume for data storage.

To create the new volume on unallocated space there are few simple steps.

STEP 1: Press start, go to My Computer, Right Click.

STEP 2: Choose manage, Click Disk Management.

STEP 3: Select the unallocated space.

STEP 4: Choose a new simple Volume.

STEP 4: Follow the Wizard to finish the process.

To Fix USB drive issues, EaseUS would be the better solution to your problems. Clicking on the website would open up multiple pages on your desktop, following it might help you in a better way to quick fix your complication.

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