How To Upgrade From Microsoft Access Database In Planned Way?

The most successful organizations are innovative. They equip their people with high productivity tools and also offer a low-risk environment. However, several organizations lack the capacity, which is why there is a need for a consultant who can take responsibility for the development and migration of custom Microsoft Access database application right from the beginning to maturity.

Most companies don’t want to eliminate their existing applications. They believe in making their best use. Hence, the best results are achieved by focussing on modernizing and migrating the legacy database applications limiting efficiency and agility. A Microsoft access change management approach that couples the experience of advanced tools and the utilities can lead to the solution.

1-Identification of the Access Footprint

The approach begins with discovering the entire network to gather and store a live snapshot of the complete Microsoft Access footprint. The process is repeated to identify each Microsoft Access database application’s details and how they are used. The dependencies and the level of complexity and calculates the effort needed to modernize and migrate each to the desired future state.

The tools are used to determine how much effort would be required to move the legacy database to the targeted database of choice. The tools would perform the heavy lifting and offer the best results because we would be reinvesting in the development as the new challenges come up.

2-Assessment of Existing IT systems

The consultant will also assess the high risk IT asset’s current level of maturity and design the architectures that reduce risk in attaining the next level of maturity.

3-Planning for Migration

The consultant will also undertake the activities that would lead to modernization. He would develop the technical, data, application, and business architectures of the MS Access systems. It ensures that the existing systems lead to the new architecture.

4-Migration and Testing

The consultant will migrate the applications as per the new architecture. He would deploy his tools and standard data transformation processes.

5-Deployment to New Environment

After the testing, the new system would go live in a more robust environment. It will protect the existing investment in IT and ensure that they work for long in the coming future.

Benefits of Migrating to New Environment

  • It can manage a large number of concurrent users. The Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access applications are not designed to support a large number of users. In a multi-user environment, both MS Excel and MS Access will quickly become a liability to the organization. For instance, the number of concurrent users supported in MS Access is eight, and the size of MS Access database files is 1GB.
  • The Microsoft Excel and Access (legacy versions) are not designed to work on the internet. The support available to make these applications on the internet are there, but these often lead to poor performance. Further, there is a cost to create the infrastructure and maintain them too. Remote access to the applications is a short-term measure, not a long-term approach once the migration to a new database is done.
  • Poor Data Integrity is another problem, and the MS Excel and MS Access offer no means to enforce the proper integrity of business data. The assurance that the business data is accurate and consistent is missing. However, migration to a new database resolves much of the issues.


Every organization has to continuously think about the dependency on the legacy application like MS Access and move to the latest database that allows concurrent connections and work well over the internet. Microsoft Access change management would help you with this!

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