How To Transfer WhatsApp From iPhone To Android Without Jail-Breaking It?

WhatsApp! Almost one million people are looking for transferring from an Android to an IOS device every year. It’s also applicable to the variation from iPhone to Android. It was the time, 10 years ago, when the world was introduced to a legendary mobile phone that breakthrough the requirements of a top-rated software.

Since then iPhone is considered to be one of the smartphones that is optimal in working and is reliable but not the first choice due to overwhelming and budget Android phones.

But the iPhone remains unchanged for years even the recently launched iPhone 12 has a copied design from iPhone 5s but is based on XDR and 5g technology that is OP mobile features. But the feature to freely manage the system software is not provided by the Apple and users migrating more to Apple devices, one of the major issues of migrating is because of WA.

As a prime messaging and social media app also provide the functionality to handle your business conversation but The WhatsApp messages are important to save it as a draft or to continue your working.

Doubtlessly the question on the internet nowadays is “How to transfer WA Business?” and finding the very best solution to deal with this level of complexity, It’s simple as ABC by using Dr. Phone- WhatsApp transfer.

First Approach: Copy WhatsApp Chats from iPhone to Android using Backup Feature

Almost all apps featuring in 2020 have an embedded backup feature which has become the first priority of any brand. So, to meet the users’ demand whether he wanted to transfer WhatsApp business data to his newer smartphone, an android one form an IOS device – using the backup option is a little bit tricky but is very much handy.

It is possible to WhatsApp business transfer from one phone to another just by restoring the backup from the previous phone to the new android.

All you need is:

  1. Open the WhatsApp account on your iPhone and login in.
  2. Tap on “Chat Backup” in the iPhone settings tab.
  3. To back up the current messages on the WhatsApp select “Backup Data”
  4. Install the official WhatsApp app on android.
  5. After signing to the previous account on newly installed WhatsApp, If it prompts the option to select restore or continue. Select the restore button to make the previous backed up data get restored.
  6. As iPhone doesn’t support the Drive backup feature so you have to manually select the iCloud If it is shown after pressing the backup button.

Due to diverse platforms, it is hard to say that this method will actually perform error-free. The best approach you should go with a third party software like Dr Fone -WhatsApp Transfer.

2nd Approach: Interchange WhatsApp Data to Android with Drone -WhatsApp transfer

Whatsapp transfer

Dr Fone, a software package for securely allocation WhatsApp business transfer. is a consistent and specialized program for operators to transmit, Drone-WhatsApp transfer without a catch. It supports multiple means to spread your WhatsApp data from iPhone to iPhone or Android

Please mount Dr. Phone What on your Win/Mac. Unveil the software program and select the “Transfer WhatsApp messages” option.

Now, gratify get your iPhone and Android linked to Dr. Fone Though, Make sure the USB debugging process is available which can be made visible by tapping 3-5 times the builder name, and here it is your new pioneer enable USB debugging, the process would fail. Therefore, it is recommended to make it enable the developer option.

Step 2. All done, Start transferring…

Start transferring

After both the devices are attached to your system make sure it is datable by the software and show. After the successfully detects both of the devices attached to the system, if it promoting any error, then the most probable solution is to enable the sub

Note: the most important data is that if the smartphone based on android will be overwritten by the new words.

Note: Vital to Repeatedly Back up Dr. Fone


It’s mostly recommended that a regular backup of your iPhone WhatsApp data, but it’s all in vain if you are not getting. WhatsApp contains quite a lot of noteworthy info, so it’s of great reputation to back it up as well. In command to brand a WhatsApp backup, you can really back up WhatsApp via its auto tie-up feature.

However, here you might try a better way – Dr. Fone WhatsApp transfer, It permits you to effortlessly back up your data on WhatsApp with a tap. Why is it better than WhatsApp auto-backup as why to use it as an alternative? Below are itemized the details.

  1. Easy to use with one tap to create a backup.
  2. The backup file can be stored on a local disk.
  3. Your iPhone technology will be undisturbed
  4. It’s able to restore the already backup files, so you can preview them and uses whether the user wants reliability or informative, the first thing you need to know is to set user requirements.

Folks are arguing here that iPhone and Android are dissimilar operational systems and that’s why it is not imaginable. People!!! Irrespective of in what way they standardized their statistics on their server or on your mobile, the WhatsApp conversation is just transcript and media records, these can be moved in a zip or similar. The summary of overall data is that if you need something even more reliable and free for a lifeline. It is also counted as google if he places it on a fever.

This guide has already discussed how to successfully transfer old WhatsApp data from and restore to the new phone, You can even customize the backup on your need and also can delete the non-essential facts.

There are many approaches to transfer data between android and iPhone, but the essential one is Dr fone WhatsApp transfer.

WhatsApp is considered to be one of the top-rated figures of all time and really just a massive audience.

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