How to stay awake Naturally? Is Sleep Deprivation Good or Bad

Sleep is one of the most important parts of our life. We sleep on average 8 hours a day and 2920 hours in a year. Nobody can live without sleeping. If you want to know how to stay awake then, you should know the disadvantages, how long can you go without sleep, and what happens if you don’t sleep.

How long can you go without sleep:

It’s important to know how long can you go without sleep? Can you die from lack of sleep, how long can you go without sleep food, and water. These are one of the most chilling questions because sleep, food, and water are necessary parts of every person’s life.

According to health experts, a person can live three days without water and 21 days without food. While in the case of sleep, the longest time without sleep is 264 hours which is 11 days.

A high school student, Randy Gardner set up an experiment at a science fair in 1965 whose ultimate aim was to check how long can a human go without sleep.

After this Sleep Deprivation Experiment, Randy recovered within some days leaving some mental illness, lack of motivation, perception, and bad effects.

Can you die from lack of sleep:

As we know that the sleep deprivation experiment was held successfully and Randy recovered within some days after taking adequate sleep. It doesn’t mean that a human can live without sleep.

We know that all the persons who were experimented with for Russian Sleep Experiment had a very bad effect on their mental health. The world record is of 11 days but the exact timing is explainable.

Dr. Mark Rosekind explains that a person cannot live without food and water. This situation is also applicable to sleep.

How to stay awake?

There are many medicines available in pharmacies that you can buy to stay awake but here we will tell you some natural methods which will be very helpful for not falling asleep.

Well, staying awake is not recommended and it can cause serious health problems You should know what are the side effects of sleep deprivation.

If you want to stay awake in school, office, or at your business then you can try these easy methods to not to fall asleep.

Having a walk or running:

Always being in motion can make you feel active and fresh. It is proven that comfort makes you lazy. So, if you are lying or having a rest for having in a relaxed position then, you should walk around or run for some minutes to stay active.

10 minutes of walking can help you to stay awake. If you are at work, you can move here and there randomly. Your body and mind will be refreshed.

Turn up lights and sounds:

A peaceful and dark place can encourage your mind for having sleep. If you have turned all the lights on and there is some type of noise around you, then it will be very helpful to stay active and not fall asleep.

Do some workouts:

Well, here is the best way to avoid having a sleep. If you are wondering how to stay awake in the classroom, office, or business then the workout is the best way. Having 10 minutes of workout will make you feel active and also strong.

What happens if you don’t sleep:

Before knowing how to stay awake, let’s take a view of the bad effects of staying awake. Sleep deprivation can cause serious health problems. It can cause Heart attack, high blood pressure, heart failure or stroke, diabetes, change in mood, and lack of motivation and perception.

I hope you have understood how to stay awake, How long can you go without sleep, and What happens if you don’t sleep. It is a highly not-recommended act. However, you can do sleep deprivation for only emergency situations.



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