How To Start An Online Coffee Delivery Business

Are you a true-blue coffee connoisseur? Do you want to transform your passion into a money-making interest? Would you like to start your own online coffee delivery business?

From sourcing credible and reliable Illy coffee wholesale distributors to stirring the interest of your target market, read on, and find out how you can brew the perfect online coffee enterprise.

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

When you want to combine your love for coffee and desire to earn money, then you can surely start your own online coffee delivery business. With a lot of people trying to stay safe at home because of the coronavirus pandemic, a coffee delivery business can present a lot of advantages. Some have even gone crazy over the recent Dalgona coffee trend; citizens all over the world have tried whipping up their own frothy milk concoctions.

If you have a knack for business, you can turn your coffee obsession into an entrepreneurial venture. Not only will it help you earn, but it will also help other people satisfy their cravings for a steaming cup of joe.

Going the online route and supplementing it with delivery service is highly relevant these days. And You won’t have to shell out a lot since you don’t have an actual brick-and-mortar shop. You don’t need to pay overhead expenses or think about employee salaries and benefits. You only have to invest in getting exceptionally good coffee from trusted and reputable coffee suppliers and you’ve got one of the basic steps covered.

As one of the great minds of all time, Albert Einstein, reportedly quoted, “In the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity.” This is the time to strike the iron, or perhaps, grind the coffee beans. (It’s a little bit corny, but I haven’t had my cuppa yet, so please forgive me.) Seriously though, a coffee delivery business will surely present a mutually beneficial relationship between you and your coffee-crazed customers.

To usher you along, here are some salient tips that can help amazing ideas start percolating in your mind about opening your own online coffee delivery business:

1. Identify Your Target Market

Aside from individuals who are staying home because of lockdowns or community quarantine regulations, who else do you think would want to have a coffee at any time of the day? What areas can you deliver your coffee to? Will you deliver them yourself or will you have a delivery service do it for you?

Pinpointing your target market will help you to also refine your business strategy. If you decide to deliver to people who work at the frontlines, for example, then you will have to think of specific protocols in delivering your products. If you want to expand your reach, then you have to check how much you will need to spend on expanding your inventory or how to adjust your booking and delivery system.

2. Choose Your Product

Will you sell organically grown coffee? What coffee types will you include in your inventory? Will, you only sell beans or will you also offer instant coffee?

Start by choosing and refining your product inventory. You can start small, as most businesses have, and observe how the demand will go. Make sure that you purchase from an established coffee distributor to ensure that your coffee is fresh and robust.

See if you can also get negotiated rates or take advantage of wholesales prices from well-regarded coffee suppliers.

With a defined product inventory, you will have a better idea of how to tailor your efforts as you launch your own coffee business.

3. Set-Up Your Online Café

When you have the first two items down pat, then you have to prepare your online café. Choose an online platform that will best suit your brand and business strategy. Will you be content with simply using a social media app or will you create your own website?

You also need to register your domain and get website hosting. If you have already done these, then you can proceed to design your website. If the technical or creative parts of creating a website are not your cup of tea (er, coffee), then it is best to hire someone who can translate your concepts into a beautiful reality. If you do not know anyone who can create a website for you, there is a lot of skilled talent online.

Make sure that your webpage is attractive and compelling. It must hook your target audience and convince them to patronize your products. If you plan to use social media or combine both platforms, then make sure to be mindful of attending to the needs of your customers at the soonest possible time.

4. Iron Out Your E-Commerce Facility

You also need to identify which e-commerce facility or provider you will use. See which one offers you the best value. Also, take into consideration the convenience that it will afford your clients. The more choices you have available for payment, the easier it is for your customers to place and pay for their orders.

Just recently, Facebook launched Shops, a free online storefront that will allow entrepreneurs to leverage products and services via Facebook and Instagram. This will significantly open up opportunities for you as the social network will also be powered by tech companies such as BigCommerce, Shopify, and Woo. It will provide an accessible one-stop-shop for online shoppers while giving you ease and convenience as well.

5. Market Your Business

When you’ve got your products all lined up, your webpage all ready, and your booking and delivery systems revved and ready to go, then you should also take the time to market your online café.

Aside from inviting everyone on your friends’ list, you should also concoct appealing offers or promotions. For example, for your launch period, you can bundle a bag of coffee with a coffee press or mug. You can also give limited-time offers or extend special bundle prices.

You can also generate clever content or advertisements. Make your brand relevant by creating coffee recipes that they can make in the comforts of their own homes. Try giving tips for keeping their coffee fresh. These efforts can also spur client interaction and fan the waves of interest in your way.

Piping Hot

When the going gets rough, the tough get grinding and delivering coffee. Perk up your neighborhood, wake up the spirits of those who need encouragement, and infuse some verve (not to mention some funds) into your life. The online coffee business is a good way to stir up some much-needed vigor in these otherwise trying times.


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