How to Scout the Perfect Influencer for Your Brand

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Why should you know how to find the perfect influencer for your brand in 2021? Because it’s one of the fastest ways to increase brand awareness for your company—especially when you’re in e-commerce.

Influencer marketing has blown up in the last 4 years. And statistics show that brands are more willing to spend more on influencer marketing campaigns. To give you a ballpark figure, brands are willing to pay influencers $2000 for 2 TikTok videos!

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Because their ROI is over the roof. Therefore, if you’re going to invest that much money, you’d better find the RIGHT influencer for it.

To help you make better choices, we interviewed an influencer marketing specialist who’s worked with hundreds of influencers across the United States.

Meet Erika General, a freelance influencer marketing specialist who’s worked with American and European brands for more than 3 years. She handles everything from finding influencers to planning campaigns.


“Pay attention to how they use storytelling in their sponsored posts,” said Erika. “Veer away from those who say ‘I love my bag #ad lol.” 

Remember that users follow them because influencers are more authentic than celebrity endorsers. This candidness encourages followers to trust their recommendations as they don’t appear heavily polished and scripted. 

Ultimately, their experience with other brands gives you insight into how they’ll treat your product.


  • “Make sure the influencers’ content matches the brand’s aesthetic.”

Find influencers who seamlessly connect with the brand identity

According to Erika, when in doubt, ask yourself:

  • Would the brand’s product fit organically in the influencer’s feed?
  • Is there a balance between personal and sponsored content? 
  • Is their sponsored content lazy or high-quality? 


While influencers are content creators, not all of them are gifted when it comes to graphic design. When it comes to marketing certain products, this can be a problem as followers will notice a sloppily-designed post. 

But if that’s the case, why do we even bother? Because, at the end of the day, we’re after the relationship they’ve nurtured with their audience. With that being said…


  • “Pay attention to how their audience is reacting.”

Audience engagement is one of your top priorities when scouting influencers. And you can usually find this information using online engagement rate calculators. 

“Are they curious about the products being promoted? Are they asking engaging questions?” According to Erika, these are the questions you should be asking while assessing the comments section.

A high engagement rate indicates that the influencer’s followers actually subscribe to their online activities. Take note that a high follower count means nothing if their engagement rate is low.


  • “Their audience should match the brand’s persona and target demographics.”

“You can find these by looking through their online community or running a social media audit,” said Erika.

More than their content and aesthetic, their audience should also be the same as your target market. Therefore, their followers are a good representation of the people who actually buy your products and are located in places you ship to. 

“A ‘test & reinvest’ mentality is the best mindset to have when scouting influencers,” said Erika. “If your brand is in the early stages of utilizing influencer marketing, testing influencers with different follower counts, focuses, and verticals can be the best way to find the ones who’ll get the best results.”

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