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How to retrieve deleted messages on iPhone? 4 Easy Methods

Deleted messages on iPhone are easy to retrieve. There are several ways that let you get back the deleted messages and also deleted data on your iPhone.

The iCloud backup is one of the best ways to find your deleted data. If you are facing any issues in retrieving deleted messages, we are here to help you in some easy ways.

How to Retrieve deleted messages on iPhone:

There are several ways to get back your deleted messages on iPhone but here we will tell you some easy ways that will help you to get your deleted data back.

Use iCloud Backup:

How to retrieve deleted messages on iPhone

One of the best methods is to use the iCloud backup to recover iPhone messages. Follow the below steps to recover your deleted messages:

  • Go to your mobile settings app and tap on your id.
  • Here you will find an iCloud option so click on that option.
  • Make sure that the messages are turned on in the backup settings.
  • Click on iCloud backup and check if your backup is held recently.
  • Now, go to the settings and find the Reset option.
  • Now, tap Erase and content and settings and confirm the procedure.
  • After the Factory reset, you have to fill in the information after the welcome screen.
  • While completing the setting, you will go to the Apps and Data screen and select Restore from iCloud.
  • Select the last backup and go through the procedure.

So, here your data will be back up and your messages will be backup if deleted after backup.

Use Your Computer:

If you are wondering how to retrieve deleted messages on iPhone but still on Mac then, here is an easy guide. If the previous method is difficult for you then you can use this method.

If you are doing your regular backups on your computer properly, then you can retrieve data from your computer. Follow the below steps:

  • First, disable finding my device. You can find this option on settings after clicking on your apple id.
  • Now, connect your iPhone to your computer.
  • Now, restore your data from your computer.

Use Data Recovery Software:

How to retrieve deleted messages on iPhone

If you are looking for how to recover deleted messages on iphone without backup then, the data recovery method works here. There is a lot of data recovery software that helps you to get back your deleted data. The data which you delete doesn’t remove from your device permanently.

The device just non-index that data and you can’t see the data anymore. But, the data recovery software helps a person to get back that data easily by analyzing the whole device data.

The data that is indexed can be recovered if it is not overwritten yet. The overwritten data means that the new data is written over the non-indexed (deleted) data.

If it happened it is impossible to recover your deleted messages. Make sure to use data recovery software before downloading or having further data on your device.

You just need good software like Wondershare data recovery software to recover your deleted photos, messages, videos, and documents.

Contact Your Cell Phone, Service Provider:

If you are still wondering ho how to retrieve deleted messages on iPhone even after reading the upper methods, then you can contact your cell phone service provider.

Go to the nearest cell phone franchise and tell him your situation. They will retrieve your deleted messages on your iPhone with special software.

Hope you have understood how to retrieve deleted messages on iPhone.

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