How To Recover Deleted Files On Google Drive?

Recently deleted files go to the trash. You have run into the ‘undo’ operation to retrieve the deleted files and folders. Don’t generate regret for accidental file deletion. Read the rest…


It is possible to delete a relevant file mistakenly. Don’t worry; there is a way out that will get your file back. Most of the time, users make mistakes by soft deleting. After deleting folders or files, it goes directly to the trash or bin. From there, you can recover the file or the content. I will guide you today to recover the data you require urgently.

After moving the files in the trash, it gets deleted automatically after a month. Therefore, if you have recently deleted your relevant file, it is easy to recover. In case, if you get the late realization, then you may face trouble regarding getting the file back.

There are two types of scenarios: one is ‘soft delete,’ and another is ‘hard delete’. In the case of soft delete, the file has been sent into the bin, from where you can get it back. Besides this, ‘hard delete’ has a big picture. It makes permanent delete of the file. Without taking backup, people don’t make hard delete.

What have you done?

Follow my content and get your file simply recovered.

Process To Recover Deleted Files In Google Drive

It is the most unfortunate case that users sometimes do it out of their concern. For this, they find difficulties. However, it doesn’t require words to let them be aware of the drive usage. Can’t download from google drive? It is easy to solve.

If this had been a month, then it could have faded away from the drive. In this case, you have to follow some necessary tips.

  1. First, you open your google drive. The process is the same whether it is mobile or desktop. You can directly open it from chrome. Else can extend through the device software.
  2. In this step, you find the trash panel. Probably the file is in the trash. So, you navigate and click on trash.
  3. Right-click on the file that has been removed and gone to the trash. There are two options you will get after clicking on the file. One is ‘restore,’ and the second is ‘permanently delta.’
  4. Click on the restore button. It will automatically get your file back to the allocated location.
  5. If you do the process successfully, you will get it done. Next, open the file and recheck.

Process To Recover Permanently Deleted Files From Google Drive 

Getting the file back from google drive is somewhat easier than urging for the permanently deleted folder. But it doesn’t mean it has been deleted forever. You have to put a bit of extra effort into getting the necessary file back.

This may take some time to get the file back. However, if you are urgently required, then your purpose may fail. Follow the steps and do it. If you have not taken a backup in your drive, this will be better to locate the deleted file.

  1. Firstly, you have to login into the Google suite account. Put in the necessary details and wait to get an instant reply.
  2. After getting into the google console, you select the users. Probably this is you, so you choose this.
  3. If you require other files, then you select the name and click on this. You will have several words. Next, click on whom you want to share the data.
  4. In the row, you will have more options besides the name of the users. Click on the ‘more’ button.
  5. After going into the ‘more,’ you will get other options. One of them is ‘restore data.’ You click on that to restore the deleted data. Sometimes it can create an access problem, but it is easy to solve.
  6.  You will have the data range. You click on the suitable data range. It is better if you select the data from last month. I hope it will cover all your necessary docs.

Frequently Asked Questions

The situation is difficult, I know. Thereby, it is a positive factor to have questions regarding google drive data. I have jotted down specific questions people ask in Google all the time. I think this may help you clear your problem.

  1. How do I access my old Google Drive?
  2. If you can remember the id password and other information, it is easy. First, go to google drive and access your account.
  3. Where do permanently deleted files go?
  4. It depends on the operating system. Either it will go into the google trash, or it will go to the desktop recycle bin.

The Bottom Lines

Many times, people transfer images from google photos to drive. Do you know how to move pictures from google photos to google drive? It is simple. But getting old data and files from google drive is not too. I feel you will get your data back following two methods. Process this successfully and get the file back.

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