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How To Recover Data In Windows PC

Recover Data in windows PC! We live in a world where our data is very important to us. Not so long ago all our data was stored on physical files, however, due to digitalization, all our data is now stored digitally on the drives. Since we have started to use the physical drive, data loss has become a huge problem.

Once the data is lost it can be a huge problem in recovering it. Data recovery can take lots of time if we are manually doing it and most of the time data cannot be recovered manually. In case data is deleted we need to use a third-party data recovery software that will help you to recover deleted data in a single click.

There can be different reasons for the data loss and its recovery depends upon it. We have listed some of the reasons for the data loss below:

  • Deletion of Files: Deletion of files can be done manually and it can be intentionally or unintentionally. If the files are deleted normally then they are not deleted permanently. File deleted manually are not removed from the memory and can be recovered easily by anyone. The third-party data recovery software will help you to recover deleted data easily and in no time.
  • Hard Disk Failures: Failure of storage drives are serious and may result in permanent data loss. Storage Drive failure usually requires a professional to recover the deleted data. Storage drive fails due to many reasons like manufacturing defects, faulty hardware, corrupted software or files, or due to human errors. Reason can be any but if your storage drive fails then data loss can be permanent. There are different methods that you can use to recover deleted data from a failed storage drive like repairing a partition table, master boot record, and file.
  • System Failures: System failure can happen due to different reasons. Some of the main reasons for the system failure are breaking of the hardware, Operating system issues, and failure, deletion of the necessary files. There can be different methods of data recovery using which we can recover data deleted due to system failure.
  • Virus attacks: Virus attacks can also delete data from your computer. Viruses and malware can delete or change the data on your computer and render it useless.

Why Is Data Recovery Necessary?

There can be important data stored on the computer, therefore, it is necessary to be able to recover deleted data. As we know that data is stored on the computer by everybody i.e., from normal individuals to different companies to security agencies.

Everybody should have a data recovery plan that will help you to recover data in case of data loss.

Tips for Easy Data Recovery

There are different steps that we can take in order to recover deleted data:

  • Backup Data Online: There are different online storage services that you can use to store data online. These services will help you to recover deleted data easily in case of data loss.
  • Use Other Storage Devices: External storages are very helpful in order to store data and create backups so that they can be recovered easily in case of data loss.

The main thing to do is to create a backup of data before it gets deleted.

However, there are many instances in which we forget to take a backup of our data. If our data gets deleted then we have to take some necessary steps to recover our important data.

How to Recover Data from a Windows computer?

If you are using a Windows PC then you can use the Advanced Disk Recovery program to recover deleted and corrupted data. Advanced Disk Recovery is a simple program that will help you to recover data in a single click. This program is even compatible with Window XP and Vista. You can recover filesystems on your Windows computer also.


Our data is very important to us; therefore, we need good data recovery software to recover data. Data can be deleted due to many reasons and Advanced Disk Recovery will help you to recover data easily.

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