How To Plan A Movie-Like Storytelling Virtual Event?

There is a fundamental rule in the event and exhibition industry: ‘You have three seconds to capture the attention of a person walking by your exhibit stand at an event.’ These three seconds determine the success of your event and sales. However, in virtual, you don’t have to engage people for three seconds only. You have to do it again and again!

These past few months have completely changed the event industry by taking things virtual. It is time to accept this change and evolve. Online platforms can be distracting, but they can be a great source of engagement, just like watching a movie or a TV series. So, why not use the Hollywood tactic to plan a virtual event to wow the audience.

Using Hollywood Tactic to Plan a Movie-like Storytelling Virtual Event

It may come as a surprise to you, but the study reveals that the attention span of a person sitting in front of a screen is only 40 seconds! Now, the key is to accomplish extraordinary things in these 40 seconds to make them stay.

The following are some primary principles of the Hollywood planning of events. Whether you are hosting a small virtual event, or a large virtual gala/ concert, these Hollywood tactics can ensure your event captures enough attention and keep it!

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1. Plot – Beginning, Middle, End

Just like a movie producer carefully plans the script before directing the crew and the cast, a good event planner understands why it is essential to communicate with the audience before the event. When it comes to virtual events, one must engage the audience long before the event begins. Plot your event in stages so that the audience can look forward to the next scene. Keep it interesting!

Consider the whole content of the event and ask yourself these questions:

  • What is the plot of my story that I want to tell the audience through the event?
  • Why would a guest be interested in staying for the whole thing?
  • Does my story have a definitive beginning, middle, and an end?

Keep in mind that a movie would never begin with a person reading from a piece of paper while sitting on a desk. As virtual events are still new, it is highly recommended that you consult one of the event companies in Abu Dhabi for a detailed event plan.

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2. Production Value

In virtual events, you cannot simply earn the viewer’s attention and engagement by the plot of your story. What matters is how you are visually communicating with them. We all how static noises and a flashlight under the chin can reinforce a clip from a horror movie! Therefore, select the right platform for your needs.

For larger events, you can go for recording on set, but for smaller events, you can use videoconferencing apps like Zoom. Make sure your lighting and sound system is perfect for conveying your message to the audience. Remember, everything that the audience can see matters. So, carefully select each element, including backdrops and outfits, just like in a movie.

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3. Careful Casting of Characters

Hire a professional moderator or a celebrity who can host your event and keep people entertained throughout the event. Avoid virtual gloom by engaging a professional or an organizational leader to bore your audience because they will tune it out. Work with an event company in Abu Dhabi, who understands the importance of the right speaker. With so many elements to organize, these experts can help you acquire talented hosts to keep the atmosphere light.

4. Plot Twists and Element of Surprise

The surprise is a key element in storytelling, and it refers to doing something unexpected. You must be familiar with this technique from the Star Wars movie where Darth Vader surprises Luke with “I am your father” reveal. People love plot twists and new ideas.

To incorporate this movie element into your event, feature an unexpected performance, or a celebrity appearance. To gain the maximum out of this build, the buzz around the event ahead of time.

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5. Keep your Guests Laughing

Andrew Stanton, of Pixar, says, “Storytelling is like Joketelling.” The golden elements of all good jokes are awe, shock, and the unexpected. And these elements are also the main ingredient of a good story worth of people’s time.  Comedy is one of the strongest weapons to engage people.

Everyone likes a good laugh. A good performer knows how to keep the audience on the edge of their seats and create an environment of light-heartedness instead of zoning out.

6. A Dramatic Ending

So many times, we have seen movies that keep you on the edge of your seats throughout but end up in a disappointing closing scene. Every single element of the production should lead to one single moment that defines the event. It can be an exclusive announcement, a big reveal, or a surprise performance. The audience wants to know what happens next, so keep them engaged throughout the event by reminding them of something special that is yet to come.

Think of ending moments of your event like fireworks at the end of a festival!

Don’t Just Organize Virtual events, Plot It!

When it comes to virtual events, set your expectations high, and meet them! Plot your events like a Hollywood movie, and your audience will love the experience and come for more. Follow these steps to direct your event, just like a movie, and grab your virtual attendee’s attention. Use storytelling techniques to inform your audience and continually entertain them.

Just like watching a blockbuster series, your audience will forget they are in front of a screen and follow your story like in a cinema!

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