How To Convert Audible To MP3 With DRmare Audio Converter?

DRmare Audio Converter! Apple Music and Spotify are the “big guns” in the list of top audio players but what if you need to play the songs from these libraries like a device that doesn’t support Apple music or want to keep it forever even after subscription, here you need an ultimate tool that not only converts it to other format but also remove the encryption.

It might seem an overwhelming task to find this type of efficient software but we did the hard work for you and present to you, one of the most reliable and recognized approaches, the DRmare Audio Converter. It’s what you choose when you need an all-in-one tool for encryption remover as well as supporting a wide range of formats for playback on any device.

In this guide, we’ll be reviewing various technicalities of DRmare and explore the options on how to convert any audible file quickly whether it is protected or unprotected.

Introduction to DRmare Audio Converter for Windows

DRmare is the ultimate audio converter for the lossless conversion of audible to mp3. Whether you need to convert audibles form the local drive or pick it from Spotify or other music streaming app, DRmare always comes in handy.

3 main Features:

  • Decryption Technology
  • Lossless conversion to mp3
  • 30x fast speed

Equipped with the enhanced decryption technology to bypass the improved Apple music audio files encryption and to remove audio restriction from AA, AAX audiobooks;

So, By using this tool, you’ll be able to play any streaming audio freely on any compatible device which supports the specific audio formats i.e. MP3.

The quality is what matters the most for damage, you’ll get almost 100% of the audio quality with the removed protection in conversion speed of 30x.

The main feature of this tool is that it provides high quality and easy to use. It’s what you use when you need 100% lossless quality even converting for AA/AAX audiobooks.

Without cutting down the main context let’s see how to convert audible using DRmare?

How to audible in lossless quality using the DRmare audio converter?

The focal point of using DRmare is that it is uncomplicated as ABC. You don’t have to rush in multiple steps to install this wonderful app. It supports Windows (both 32 & 64 bits).

The foremost thing you require is to install the application on your device employing the subsequent steps.


drmare audio

1. Download DRmare Audio Converter For Windows

2. Run the setup and Install it

It’ll instantly install on your windows within a few seconds, After successfully installing, now it’s the time for you to probe its’s embedded features…

Convert audible using DRmare

Once It is successfully installed, follow the following steps to convert audible into 100% lossless with 30x speed.

Thanks to the magnificently improved and easy to use UI, It takes only a few steps to get high-quality audio converted in lossless quality, Using DRmare will enable you to convert the AAX audiobooks in high quality.

1. Launch the DRmare Audio Converter

Open the DRmare Audio Converter using the desktop shortcut or searching for it in the start menu. You’ll get a fascinating UI with multiple featured options. One of the famous features of the DRmare tool is that it provides an instant connection with iTunes when it is launched.

2. Import the Audio Files


There are two options for importing audio files, one will take you to your local disks from where you browse for the specific mp3 or compatible formats audio files while the other one directly connects to the Apple Itunes library for protected files.

Note: You must be verified to iTunes to use it with DRmare, unverified accounts don’t work with this approach.

3. Choose the Specific Format


Choose the specific format for which you want to convert the clip. Selecting the higher quality with enhanced bit rate might take more time but with new technology, DRmare provides as fast 30x conversion in lossless quality which makes it one of the next AAX audio converter.

4. Tap the Convert Button


After configuring the output, select the convert button at the bottom right corner and start converting with ease. It’ll take some time depending on the length of the audiobook but it’ll not take more than of the expected time because of the 30x conversion rate even in lossless quality.

After converting all of your required audio clips, now you can move it to any compatible portable device for playback.

Why Choose DRmare for Audible Conversion?

The main thing for the recommendation of this ultimate AAX audio converter is that it provides lossless quality and supports a wide variety of Input Formats. While the market is filled with numerous fake software that just claims to convert protected Audibles and bypass its encryption but doesn’t do it and even your credentials are at risk by syncing it to the App.

DRmare provides its features, you don’t have to give any of your extra information to get it linked with iTunes and it has improved embedded decryption technology to decrypt the encrypted audiobooks even it is protected.

The followings are the Top-Features of the DRmare Audio Converter

  1. Convert Audio Files At 30x Faster Speed
  2. AAX Audiobooks at 100%
  3. Wide Varieties of Supported Formats
  4. Convert Protected to multiple Audio Formats
  5. Bypass the encryption by Apple Music
  6. Instant Connection With Itunes
  7. Local Imports
  8. Easy to use UI

DRmare is designed to feature an all-in-one packaged software just to provide an ultimate audio converter in one place. It contains everything that can be expected to a fully-featured audio converter and the fact it is reliable is just assured through its name as it is made by DRmare; A company known for reliability and utilitarian tools manufacturing.

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