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How to clean chicken before cooking? 4 Easy Methods

Chicken is very easy to clean if you know how to clean chicken before cooking. If you want to freeze chicken or want to cook the chicken, you need to clean it thoroughly.

There are several methods and precautions for cleaning the chicken.

Here we will tell you 4 easy ways that you can use to clean your chicken easily. All the products that will use In the procedure, will be available in your house easily. We will use household items to clean the chicken without destroying it.

So, let’s start our list.

How to clean chicken with salt?

If your chicken is frozen then, make sure that the chicken is thawed properly. Thawing is the process of defrosting the chicken or any food. If you are wondering how to thaw a chicken then follow the below steps.

  • Remove the chicken from the freezer 24 hours before using it.
  • Now, submerge your chicken in a bowl of Luke warm water for 10 minutes.
  • Grab the chicken out of the bowl and change the water.
  • Now, repeat step 2.
  • Repeat 3 times.

Your chicken will be defrosted.

Now, let’s come to clean the chicken wait salt. Salt your chicken with a very heavy layer of coarse kosher salt and let sit in the fridge overnight or at room temp for an hour. Salt will kill any bacteria that may try to grow during the short time it is out.

Rinse thoroughly and pat dry. Rub the bird with a little olive oil, butter, or margarine, season as you normally would, leaving out the salt, and cook with your preferred method.

How to clean chicken with vinegar?

Vinegar can be used in cleaning various items. Vinegar has a lit of benefits and uses in our daily life. Vinegar is one of the most necessary components of every kitchen. In the case of cleaning chicken, we will need vinegar.

If you are wondering how to clean chicken with vinegar, we are here to guide you. Vinegar contains 4% acetic acid which is responsible for killing bacteria and germs. For cleaning chicken, you can use vinegar but you have to be careful with the amount of vinegar.

Don’t spread the vinegar on the whole chicken. Mix the water and vinegar and soak the chicken in the solution for 30 minutes. This will avoid damaging the chicken from pure vinegar and your chicken will be clean.

Using vinegar is a risky method. You can use this method if other methods don’t work for you.

How to clean chicken with lemon?

If you are wondering how to clean chicken with lemon then the procedure is quite simple. You just need 2 to 3 lemons, depending on the amount of your chicken, Cut the lemon in half and start rubbing the lemon on the chicken’s surface by holding one piece of chicken.

Rub the whole surface of each piece of chicken with lemon and all the bacteria will remove.

Now, after cleaning all the pieces, clean the whole chicken with cold water and you are now ready to cook it.

How to clean chicken with water?

Now, here I’m gonna tell you the easiest way to clean a chicken. If you cannot do upper procedures then, you can use water for cleaning a chicken. Don’t use only raw water because chicken contains bacteria that cannot be removed using only water.

Take salt and spread it over the whole chicken. Now, rub the salt on each piece thoroughly and clean it with clean water.

Do this for all pieces and your chicken will be cleaned.

Hope you have understood how to clean chicken before cooking using one of these methods. For more fascinating content, visit TechniExpert.

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