How To Buy The Best Recruitment Software For Your Agency

The best recruitment results require a mixture of different elements. Skilled candidates, experienced recruiters, and a great recruitment software system are the most vital factors required to help with every stage of the hiring process.

The right kind of recruitment CRM system can optimize a recruiter’s workflow and elevate their way of working. The entire workflow becomes more efficient, the recruiter is more productive, and their work is more effective. This is only possible if they have robust recruitment agency software.

Modern staffing agencies have incorporated CRM software fully into their working system. So, any agency looking to achieve success must find suitable software for themselves.

But how easy is it to buy the best recruitment software for your agency? Well, it is not too difficult. Here are a few tips you can follow to make this an easy task.

Buying recruitment software for your agency

There are many good recruitment CRM software providers in the market. But it’s very important to note that buying a good recruiting platform is more about buying one that is suitable for the agency’s needs. Don’t simply go for what is popular now.

Making a wrong choice can be costly. Recruitment agency software is not exactly cheap. And if you add the time that goes into research, onboarding, and training, then it is very costly to repeat the entire process. Therefore, making the right decision at the outset is key to a successful software purchase.

  • Internet research

Like for any other product, research starts with a sweep on the internet. It’s easy to make a note of the most prominent suppliers and take a quick look into each product site. The features listed also helps inform the initial shortlisting.

  • Demos

Product demos are usually offered free of cost by most suppliers. Recruiters should take advantage of this to see first-hand how the software operates and whether its features are compatible with what is needed by the agency. It’s also a great time to ask questions and clear any doubts.

  • Client testimonials

Ask the consultant to share what their clients are saying about the product. It gives a good idea of the kind of services and features that are popular with the customers. But it is best to be aware that client testimonials are typically positive and will likely be glowing accounts of the customer experiences.

  • Reviews

It’s smart to look at review sites like Trustpilot where there are generally more objective reviews left by customers. These can be both positive and negative assessments. Both help to provide an understanding of what potential customers can expect. If there are too many negative comments highlighting the same issue, then one can safely assume that’s a huge issue with the software.

Get your CRM purchase right at the first try

Now why this is important is because software systems are not exactly cheap. When we add the time spent on research, onboarding and training, it becomes quite costly if the software doesn’t work as expected and the entire process must be repeated from scratch.

Checking all the little details early on helps prevent repeating the buying process. It saves time and money. Evaluate how easy the CRM software is to use. Consider if it is affordable and supports remote recruiting. Another critical item to cross off the checklist – confirm if the recruitment CRM supports other vital recruiting tools such as skills testing software, video calling software, etc.

Take the time to conduct the research meticulously. Weigh all the options. Consider future business plans and enquire about how the recruitment software can fit into those plans.

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