How To Boost Your Online Gaming Power With MellonCards

Online Gaming Power

With so many of your usual IRL activities canceled it’s a great time to buckle down and get into all your favorite online games or start branching out and finding new favorites. However, it can be really annoying putting in your credit card information to all the various gaming platforms. Not only does giving out your credit card information to so many places put you at a higher risk of credit card fraud, but it can be tedious.

Luckily, there are ways to pay for all your online gaming technology in one safe and secure place allowing you to unlock your gaming power across the internet. Check out these 5 ways to boost your gaming power and make your online gaming next work a place for stress-free relaxation time:

1. Go With Gift Cards

While the world of online gaming is vast and expansive, it can be expensive to play all the games that you’ve been itching to play. A great way to get the most bang for your buck is by buying online gift cards to all your favorite games and gaming systems instead of buying directly.

MellonCards will not only give you 10% off your first order but will also give you a €5 reward for every €250 that you spend! This means that you’ll be getting free money towards all your favorite games reducing the amount of money you have to put in. With more money to spend on your games, you’ll be able to grab all your favorite games and all the boosts you need within them.

2. Fortnite V-Bucks

Every avid Fortnite player is always looking for the best way to access more v-bucks. With MellonCards you’ll be able to buy your v-bucks through a secure server and you’ll get more v-bucks for the amount of money you spend. If you’re feeling generous you can bribe your friends into playing with you by giving them the extra v-bucks that you got for free. You can keep your insider knowledge a secret so that you have more free v-bucks than the people you’re playing against, or tell all your gamer friends so they’ll be able to enjoy the expanded Fortnite power with you.

3. Buy Gift Cards for Your Non-Gamer Friends and Family

Have a bunch of friends and family that don’t play games but still want to be able to give them presents that help you with your gaming goals? MellonCards has gift cards available that non-gamers will eat up such as Amazon, Netflix, and iTunes. These gift cards will show your family you care about their interests (even though they are non-video game related) and want them to have access to awesome online buying power.

All of this can be done without them ever suspecting that you were getting monetary rewards that will allow you to get more gadgets for your games. The more presents you buy for your friends, the more money you’ll get back that can be invested in boosting your gaming potential.

4. Go Console-Specific

If you there are multiple games you’re trying to play all on the one console but you haven’t decided which ones you want yet, you can buy MellonCards specific to your favorite console. With a PlayStation or Xbox gift card, you’ll be able to set aside the money that you want to spend on that console without having to dedicate it to a specific game.

Having the gift cards already paid for, you’ll know how much money you have to spend there and be less likely to overspend once you decide which games you want to buy.

5. Go Game-Specific

If you’re a diehard player of one game or a couple of different games, you can invest your money into gift cards that are game-specific. MellonCards has a large variety of game-specific cards that allow you to purchase a specific game or buy add-ons to specific games.

Buying a Red Dead Redemption 2 card, for example, gives you access to buying that game at a discounted price. You’ll get the automatic discount but then also receive your bonus money back once you’ve spent a certain amount of money on the site. That means you’re getting double discounts on all your purchases.

If you’ve gotten really into a specific game, like Aeria, you can buy gift cards that give you access to Aeria Points for buying in-game purchases at a discounted rate.

No matter what type of gamer you are, buying digital gift cards will give you access to the products that you need with less hassle, less risk, and more buying power. As you build your video game library and empire, you’ll be able to reap the rewards while knowing that you are keeping your information safe from potential scammers. Instead of being hacked, you’ll be unlocking this great life-hack for gaming potential!

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