How Technology Would Reshape The World In 2020s

Think…..Done???? Has the universe reborn? Welcome to the wondrous world of Technology. Technology is not the mere science of taking actions to meet human needs but changing the lives of human beings entirely. It is not only the name of gadgets and gizmos but a paradigm shift in the entire lifestyle of humanity.

The impact of technology on personal and practical lives is ever-growing as it does affect all the users and non-users equally. How developers and designers shape the technology and how much deep impact the technology has on its users is the question of the day.

Users of technology give it meanings as they experience, that’s why it is no more a neutral world. Technology is continuously evolving. A vague concept changes into a solid idea which ultimately converts into ready-to-use products.  Here lies a list of evolving technology trends that are going to reshape human lives entirely.

1. Health care Prophecies at the Genome level

Genesis Healthcare in Japan, Genoplan in Korea, 23 and Me as well as Color in USA lead in Genome analysis and are making technological advancement in the world of the health care industry. Mentioned companies with this wonderful progress, work to diagnose the health problems, and play their role in preventing the diseases.

In addition to that, the evolution of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionized the quality of treatment. In order to get more precise results, Digital scanning along with photography like MRI, X-Rays, and CT scan is going to be enacted with trending Artificial Intelligence. Companies like Zebra Medical Vision and Enlitic, stand out as market leaders in this regard.

2. Introduction of 5G


Having greater bandwidth with 10 Gigabits (GB) download speed /second, 5G has put steps in today’s world as 5th generation Technology. It uses the same cellular networks like its predecessors in which the service area is divided into a number of smaller geographical cells.

5G competition between the US and China, two technological giants of the world, is on its peak in the running of the 2020 era. This technological advancement is about to reach in the hands of mass consumers. Planning has been made by both countries to launch thousands of satellites in the world.

3. Evolution in the Agricultural Industry

 Massive food crises and famines all over the world have become the story of past times. Progressive countries of the world with the help of advanced technology not only produce food for their own needs but also export to other countries.

It is now the order of the day to control Pests and monitor causes of other diseases with the advancement in the field of science and technology. U.S. companies Ceres Imaging & Farms and Israel based Taranis have made their importance recognized in the world in agricultural advancement.

The introduction of robots by Abundant Robotics to harvest plants is going to become very common. U.S. based Bowery Farming, a funded project of Google Ventures (GV), is also ready to play its role in indoor farming.

4. Use of Quantum Computing

 The ability to handle big data in milliseconds is no more a problem. Quantum computing is ready to play its role in fields of healthcare and energy for the compilation of heavy data. Processing of heavy data in cancer treatment, DNA analysis, and nuclear energy control is a burning need of the hour.

Technological Gurus like IBM, Intel, Google, Alibaba, and some others have entered the fields of quantum computing. Amazon, Rigetti, D-Wave System, QC Ware, for smarter and quicker calculations and estimations, are also dealing in Quantum computing.

5. Use of Edge Computing

In Edge computing technology Use of high performance neuromorphic or brain chips is becoming very popular. These chips act like brain chips. It was the dire need to make quick decisions without any delay. These mimic the structure of the brain and perform Artificial Operations (AI) efficiently without sending data to a third party.

Market leaders e.g. Syntiant, Wave Computing, Samba Nova (U.S.), Graph core, Cerebas have started to use this technology for their operations.

6. Internet of Things (IoT)

 In today’s busy life, customers were feeling the intense need of quick shopping without any manual checkout. A web-based app named Amazon GO launched by Amazon uses IoT in combination with machine vision technologies to solve this problem.

While making the lives of consumers quite convenient, U.S. based Accel, Robotics, Garbango, Aifi, and Israeli Trigo is also providing Amazon-like services.

7. Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

 Emotional identifications by machines have revolutionized the world entirely. Machine Intelligence is now working on equal lines with human intelligence. It would not be an exaggeration to state that nowadays organizations have more belief in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning as compared to humans.

Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant are the first movers having intentions to use the technology in the Device ecosystem. While U.S.-based Osaro, Kindred, and Vicarious have opted for these technologies in manufacturing.

8. Aerospace Technology

 Mankind is ready to start a new era of space-traveling after a hectic pause of cold wars and the economic tussle between big powers. Now, the private sector with its full potential is ready to start a space race.

Blue Origin and SpaceX are developing rocket Starship like technology. The stated technology will reuse the vehicle body entirely while shortening intercontinental trips to 30 minutes via space. The Chinese government in collaboration with the private sector is ready to resume its space travel.

9. Autonomous Driving Technology

 Road accidents, traffic jams, noise, and pollution are the most disturbing factors which led the engineers to revitalize the driving technology. Though autopilots car of level-5 has still not become functional yet Level 2 & 3 cars have realized their importance in the mechanical industry.

Tesla cars having autopilot mode has now become the order of the day. French-based Prophesee, US Based Perceptive Automata, and the UK. Based on Humanizing Autonomy are in a struggle to achieve level 5 in 2020.

10. Use of Blockchain Technology

 The use of Blockchain technology to prevent hacking, large scale information leakage, and online fraud is getting attention with every day passing.

The technology leader IBM has introduced an accelerator program to counter these fraudulent activities. Moreover, Alibaba Group and China Southern Airlines have shown to world practical implications of this technology.

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